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Fight Your Depression with Surat Ad-Duha (Video)

Surah Ad-Duha Consoled the Prophet (PBUH) & Can Relieve You Too

Do you feel disconnected with Allah, feel down, feel depressed or think maybe Allah doesn’t love you anymore… feel like your du`as are not being answered? Surah Ad-Duha can greatly help you.

Watch this, Sheikh Tawfique Chowdury gives a beautiful Tafsir of this surah and shows how Allah choose the best for us.

A must watch lecture for anyone looking for an Iman boost and appreciation of the blessings of Allah in giving us all we have.

In this VideoAbout Surah Ad-Duha:

  • The context of the Surah’s revelation
  • When negative thoughts haunt your mind
  • How first verses of Duha combat depression
  • When you feel bad, remember previous blessings

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