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Julaybib: A Hope for Desperate Souls

Julaybib: A Hope for Desperate Souls

There are many outstanding Companions of Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) who come to mind throughout Islamic history. Some are huge in stature, and others are humble, yet highly respectable or brilliant in some way.

Julaybib (may Allah be pleased with him) was a beloved Companion of Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him). However, he is not a likely figure to make it in the ranks of celebrated heroes of Islam. 

Julaybib’s life and deeds were not sung nor recounted with reverence as they should be. However, by considering the meager facts available about him, one can see hope for many humble souls.

Julaybib was not tall or handsome. Before the advent of Islam, he was not known to be a gallant warrior on the battlefield. His personal attributes appeared so contrary to the normal heroes of old. He was an orphan, deformed, and extremely short.

He was brutally rejected by society, because people at that time were more concerned with physical appearance and status than with integrity. His story is significant and many lessons can be learnt from it. It shows us a lot about how a human being can be devalued based on superficial things.

His life is an example and hope for souls filled with despondency because they do not measure up to the norms set by society. His story touches the hearts of many, even today. In addition to his physical appearance, another important factor in the mistreatment Julaybib received had to do with his lineage.

Lineage was an essential part in the Arab society he lived in, just as it is still important today in many cases. One’s lineage determined one’s status in the society. His physical appearance and unknown lineage made people shun and spurn him. He was an outcast, which caused him much public humiliation and disgrace. Facing such disdainful treatment, Julaybib was apparently a lonely soul yearning for love and compassion.

As he was carrying the burden of prejudice on his shoulder from the time he was born, companionship, love, and compassion became alien to him. There were often times a question as to whether this man would even taste any compassion or respect in his life. The question cleared with his acceptance of the noble message of Islam.

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