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US Muslims and Power of Storytelling

One of the communication aspects that Muslim communities should care for is the way they tell their story. As a matter of fact, It is a vital factor that shapes the way Muslims connect and interact with others.

Story also has an incredible power to tie the past with the present. Through storytelling we can share lots of experiences, preserve a coherent identity that our own young generations can cherish and be proud of.

In this video, Sheikh Jamaal Diwan highlights the influence of storytelling, and emphasizes the necessity of Muslims being able to tell their story in a way that connect with their surrounding reality and environment.

He points out two main aspects of the American experience that Muslims in the US do not pay due attention to, though they are closely related to Muslims’ experience and history in the US.
Allah almighty says: {There was certainly in their stories a lesson for those of understanding} (Yusuf 12: 111) Have we ever asked ourselves why Allah almighty mentioned so many stories in the Quran? Did we benefit from those stories?


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In this Video:
– US Muslims telling only ONE story: what’s the problem?
– Impact of story on both macro & micro levels.
– Story and reinforcing sense of identity
– So many stories of the Quran: why?
– Components and structure of a story


* This post is based on a Khutbah by Sheikh Jamaal Diwan in 2015.