Theology and Ethics of Pluralism (Video)

This video features two prominent Islamic figures coming from two different intellectual backgrounds. Dr. Yasir Qadhi and Dr. Tariq Ramadan discuss here issues of diversity and pluralism within the Muslim society. Starting with insights on the famous hadith that predicts 73 divisions of the Muslim Ummah, Dr. Qadhi highlights 5 pitfalls that many people tend to fall in when considering the hadith. He also discusses differences between genuine differences and healthy diversity and the role of Imams and religious leaders in making a constructive discourse that promotes common good.

Dr. Ramadan goes further to elaborate on various aspects of pluralism and diversity such as the role of context in interpreting texts, the psychological element in differences and what makes a difference lie within the realm of Islam or takes it out of it.


Watch in this video:

  • Any need for theology today?
  • The Hadith of Ummah’s 73 divisions
  • Is the hadith about Muslim/non-Muslim divisions?
  • The majority of the Ummah are doomed?
  • 72 sects in Hell fire?
  • Belonging to the correct group is not sufficient.
  • Violence: a solution for differences?
  • Story of `Ali and the Kharijites.
  • Diversity: Between emotion and mind.
  • Diversity within one person.
  • Same texts and different interpretation.
  • How to deal with diversity.
  • The colonial concepts of good and bad Muslims.