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Human Dignity & End-of-Life Decision Making: Muslim Perspective

We read in the Quran what means:

{And We have certainly honored the children of Adam and carried them on the land and sea and provided for them of the good things and preferred them over much of what We have created, with [definite] preference.} (Al-Israa 17:70)

According to the above verse, humans are dignified not because of their beliefs or their deeds; but rather, it is very intrinsic. It is the mere fact that you are a human being, you immediately become a holder of human dignity and integrity. That is something that Islam grants you and that never departs you it never leaves you.

Are All People Dignified?

Man is intrinsically good. Where does he get that from?

The Quran tells us that man has been actively created in a very personal way by the immediate Hands of God.

The Quran commentator, Imam Shihab Ad-Din al-Alusi argued that “all members of the human race, including the pious and the sinner, are endowed with dignity, nobility and honor. These concepts are not exclusive to any particular group or class of people.”

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When people asked Al-Farabi about the good that humans ought to be sharing, the very first comment he made was that “we must all share status.”  

By status, he meant that all human beings are holders of human dignity and integrity.

Impact of the Human Dignity Concept

The Islamic concept of human dignity can help us formulate answers for many life questions. In the medical field, for example, human dignity is relevant when tackling questions like:

– Is seeking medical assistance compulsory or optional?

– Can Muslims wish death when faced with difficulties?

– How to deal with the end-of-life medical decision?

Join Imam Yassir Fazaga in this eye-opening talk. He shares important insights about the concept of dignity in the Islamic tradition; its impact on the end-of-life care and the basic guidelines and rules for “pulling the plug”.

Source: Bayan Islamic Graduate School