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Celebrating Prophet’s Birthday: How to Deal With Scholars’ Differences

For many Muslims, it is time for celebrating Prophet’s birthday. Others don’t accept this practice altogether.

Normally, when we are in agreement, it is easy for us to behave properly with each other.  However, when we are in disagreement, how do we respond?

With the upcoming birthday of the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings upon him) some arguments may arise.

What are the acceptable and unacceptable disagreements among Muslims regarding this topic and others?

Acceptable disagreement among scholars gives people a chance to hear all possible opinions that are backed by evidence.

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Blessing in disguise

Mature disagreement offers us flexibility in implementing Islam. This happens in our daily lives when we have more options to choose from.

The objective of the discussion should be to reach the truth.

It does not matter who or how the truth comes about, just as long as the truth is revealed.

Join Imam Suhaib Webb as he advises using examples of earlier scholars.

Learn how to approach subjects and to differ without being disagreeable.

Learn how to discuss with justice and engage with proof.