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Route for Safe & Healthy Hajj (+Flash)

The blessed days of Hajj are approaching, and Muslim pilgrims have already started traveling to the holy sites. Fortunately, hajj has a message for the benefit and well-being of all people, be they Muslim or not.

Hajj is obligatory (fard) only with financial and physical ability. Thus, this physiological well being include perfect health care precautions, medical assurances and personal hygiene.

Hajj is undertaken by millions of Muslims every year. Hence, staying healthy and strong during the physically demanding journey is crucial.

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Maintaining energy and bodily strength during hajj necessitates that certain safety precautions be taken.

After all, the pilgrim would most likely not want to have discomfort thoughts and stay away from his/her primary focus of worship.

Lifetime Journey

Additionally, we present below some health tips for a healthy hajj of the dear pilgrims:

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