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Al-Jazari and Banu Musa

Prominent Muslim Roboticists & Inventors

How great are the Iraqi Banu Musa brothers of the 9th century? What are the achievements of the Andalusian engineer Abbas Ibn Firnas? Would you like to know about the roboticist Al-Jazari who lived in the 12th century?

Jim Al-Khalili will guide us through the work of the roboticists and innovators of the Golden Age of science (9th – 14thcenturies).

In fact, he looks at state-of-the-art robotic engineering and studies the history of early automatic machines.

Marvelous Ideas

He unpicks the principles behind the trick devices of Banu Musa brothers in the 9th century. Also, he shows a modern reconstruction of their ingenious ‘flute that plays itself’.

Additionally, Jim shows the intricate clocks and sophisticated water pumps designed by 12th century engineer Al-Jazari.

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And he analyses the claims made of Abbas Ibn Firnas – who supposedly managed to get airborne all the way back in the 9th century.