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New Islamic Augmented Reality GPS App

It might not be a new idea, but it surely comes now with a new flavor. “Islamic GPS” is the first Islamic augmented reality app which helps you find your nearest mosque and Islamic landmarks around the world.

Simply hold up your phone and as you move it 360 degrees, it will provide historical information and directions to get you there to explore.

It’s an innovative way to learn the history of the Muslim world. Finding the Qibla (Prayer direction for Muslims), Masjid an-Nabawi (Prophet’s Mosque in Medina), Topkapı Palace, Al-Azhar University, Karaouiyine Mosque and so many other historic places has never been so easy. Travel to the heritage of Islam, find places of beauty, and start your journey with Islamic GPS.

This app is available for free, from the app store and play store for both apple and android systems devices. Using the latest technology redefine what’s around you powered by our built-in GPS technology and augmented reality.

One of the features of our augmented reality technology is that it allows you to project landmarks directly onto the screen of your smart phone. By the feature of GPS mapping you will be able view, trace and accurately engage with your surroundings using your smart phone geolocation positioning.

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Try the app from here: iPhone App: and Android App: