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Your New Hajj Companion, Haramain App

You can now listen to translated Friday prayer sermons and find your way around the Holy Sites, thanks to Haramain Recordings which has launched its new mobile app for the current Haj season.

The Haramain app aims to be a guide for pilgrims and those wishing to experience the Grand Mosque in Makkah and the Prophet’s Mosque by offering live khutbah translations in seven languages, a GPS feature to navigate around the Holy Sites, and daily prayers, among others.

“One of the main problems pilgrims face is getting lost or not being able to navigate around the Holy Mosques, especially when it’s their first visit,” Adam Ghodawala, owner of Haramain Recordings told

“We want to connect them and give them an easy experience by being able to maneuver,” the UK-based developer said.

The website that is visited by millions around the world to search archived prayers, adhans, and Friday sermons as well as watch live streaming of Qur’an and Sunnah channels will move to a mobile app.

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In fact, the GPS map is the newest feature. It displays landmarks such as the gates of the Holy Sites, offices, tents in Mina according to each country.

Several Options

The app’s library of prayer recordings date back to 2006.

“Many pilgrims around the world yearn to listen and watch a prayer from a certain date; perhaps when they were performing their umrah or Haj. It’s a special memory for them,” says Ghodawala who owns the most organized library in the app stores.

The library also lists the prayers according to the imams of the Two Holy Mosques. Languages translating the Arabic sermons include English, French, Urdu, Indonesian, Turkish, and Hausa.

“What motivates us is our love and passion for the Two Holy Mosques and imams,” says Ghodawala. “This helps us offer pilgrims a one-in-all platform to guide them during their visits.”