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Encouraging Muslim Kids to Love Science

Knowledge about the universe and the human body has been central to the message of Islam since its very beginning.

In fact, Islam is not a stranger to education and science. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) himself urged all Muslims to seek knowledge.

Muslim men and women are constantly urged to be the best they can be, educating themselves and developing their abilities.

Read… Read… Read…”: This was the first order from Allah to the last prophet to mankind, Mohamed (PBUH). It implies the very strong relationship between knowledge and religion.

In this TED video, Cesar Harada sheds light on some interesting ways of teaching kids to love science. At the Harbour School in Hong Kong, Harada teaches citizen science and invention to the next generation of environmentalists.

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In fact, he has moved his classroom into an industrial mega-space. There, imaginative kids work with wood, metal, chemistry, biology, optics, and power tools to create solutions to the threats facing the world’s oceans.

There, he instills a universal lesson that his own parents taught him at a young age: “You can make a mess, but you have to clean up after yourself.”

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