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Cooling Makkah’s Jamarat Facility by 750 Water-Spray Poles

Makkah Region Development Authority has finished implementing a cooling project in the western area of ​​the Jamarat facility, in addition to the Jamarat-Mina road, with 750 water-spray poles.

The project covers an area with a length of more than 10,000 meters. This is serviced by the poles supplied through two main stations.

The spray-poles, along with other cooling ventilation methods, will operate throughout the hajj season, which will provide the pilgrims with respite from the heat in an attempt to make them more comfortable.

This is among a number of projects supervised this year by the Makkah Region Development Authority.

Services & Cooperation

Furthermore, director general of Civil Defense Gen. Sulaiman Al-Amro told ArabNews that the directorate is fully prepared with all human cadres and equipment to handle any situation that might arise during hajj.

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The Special Emergency Forces bear a great responsibility in knowing how to deal with accidents and risks. These teams normally undergo a series of training programs to carry out their missions during the hajj season. They also conduct daily training programs in their station areas.

The training covers mock and field applications and programs to reach the highest readiness levels to safeguard the pilgrims. “We carried out two drills and were staging a third in the Arafat camps to simulate a fire,” he said.

Specialists trained police dogs to deal with potential risks such as floods and landslides arising from heavy rains. The mountains and valleys of Makkah were the scene of the training for the Civil Defense staff on how to use trained dogs in rescue situations.

The search section, which works under the Special Emergency Forces within Civil Defense during Hajj, comprises a group of trained sniffer dogs. Trainers assigned them to joint search and rescue operations for trapped victims under rubble and mud.

For his part, the Civil Defense commander in Arafat, Brig. Gen. Abdullah Al-Hammad, said that Civil Defense forces conducted the necessary training programs in all specialties. “We also carried out a major mock exercise with concerned parties,” he said.