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Blessings of Bioacoustics

Traditionally, the artist had a community responsibility to develop the inner ear of the listener and create greater awareness of the unity of all things. Ancient Persians used the sounds of birds and waterfalls to heal.

Mothers often use a soothing voice to put their babies to sleep. The recitation of the Qur’an has been used for healing since the time of the Prophet (PBUH). However, not all sounds are healing. In fact, some can be harmful.

Music affects pulse rates, skin temperature, blood pressure, muscle tension and brain wave activity (Kaufmann, p.1). Music can also help to release biochemicals such as endorphins in the brain and act as a natural painkiller (Overload p.2).

The human bone structure is also highly responsive to vibration, as much as 69%-79% of sounds we hear within the audible range and sound move faster in water, which man is mostly made of.

The bone structure then continually translates information from the subtler levels into the neurological tissue (Gurudas, p.52). Inappropriate or loud music, on the other hand, can be harmful.

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Moreover, a 1990 study purports that loud noise causes vasoconstriction causing increased blood pressure. In turn this leads to the hypertrophy of smooth muscle, a narrowing of small vessels and a resistance to blood flow.

Similarly, inappropriate sounds of any sort can be harmful. Electricity and electromagnetic energies are the worst pollutants. With increasing noise pollution, a person’s hearing can become more and lose the capacity to hear sound within a certain frequency range (Overload p.1, 2).

Similarly, in a laboratory study, volunteers were confined to a dormitory and exposed to pulsed tones over the course of 30 days. In fact, the result was that plasma cortisol and blood cholesterol levels increased with increased noise levels beyond 85 dB. The effect lasted for several days after the noise ceased (Macalester, p.1).

In fact, such pulses come from air conditioning units, transformers and other electronic equipment. Changes in earth’s electromagnetic field caused by TVs, computers, power cables and radio waves effect people too by causing the body’s energy waves to vibrate at unnatural frequencies.Bioacoustics

A branch of bioacoustics studies the effect of sound and noise on man. A pioneer in the field, Sharon Edwards proved that we can calculate every muscle, compound, process and structure in the body and assign tones to them.

This led to the discovery that that each person has his or her own set of frequencies (Sound Health Clinic, p.2).

Hence, when someone is ill, certain notes may be absent or over-abundant in their speaking voice. Bioacoustics addresses such illnesses such as epilepsy, respiratory and heart conditions, bone breakages and fractures, traumatic pain, multiple sclerosis as well as drug dependency and depression (Overload, p.1, 2).

Generally, sound therapy addresses the issues of what sounds are helpful and what sounds are harmful to the body and aims to ‘retune’ the body back into harmony (crystalinks, p.1).

Healer, Barbara Brennan uses sound to strengthen the charkas (different areas of the body). She uses her voice one inch away from the chakra she is working on. She states, “Each chakra has a different pitch, and each person’s pitch for a particular chakra is slightly different.”

In adjusting her pitch, the patient can hear and feel the resonance. She has been successful in treating ulcerative colitis, discs, obtaining enhanced tissue growth, aligning the functions of the organs of the body and balancing the nervous system (Brennan p.241).

In the same way, the intonation and variations in tune of a skilled Qur’an reciter can also invoke healing.

In Cymatics, another aspect of Bioacoustics, the understanding is that every cell in the body is controlled by an electromagnetic field with its own frequency. This therefore means that the body has a composite harmonic frequency!

However, in Cymatics, the method isn’t the cure. Like Homeopathy and some modern vaccines, Cymatics stimulates the regulatory, metabolic and immune systems back into balance. Additionally, Dr. Peter Guy Manners developed an instrument that emits over 800 controlled audible frequencies. (Manners, p.1).

In fact, the required sound frequency is focused through a skin applicator from an electronic device and has been found to be useful in rheumatic, bone and muscular disorders (Pichler p.1).

Furthermore, oncologist Dr. Terrance Bugno of Chicago attests to the benefits of Sound Therapy and Bioacoustics. Michael, a patient of his had a voice print analysis done at a Bioacoustics clinic, which revealed a thyroid problem.

In fact, this wasn’t verified by the lab results received by his doctor. Nine days later he collapsed with unknown symptoms. Eventually a thyroid condition was discovered.

In another case a top-class reader had ‘forgotten’ how to read, causing much distress. A voice print test at a Bioacoustic clinic revealed that the student Andi had formaldehyde poisoning. In fact, her signature was rebalanced using low frequency sound. In addition, she was placed on a detoxification program. Her reading level standard returned! (Sound Health Clinic p.2).Bioacoustics

Many branches of Sound Therapy and Bioacoustics exist; yet, one mustn’t ignore what is nearest to them. Qur’anic recitations are an ideal way to enjoy sound therapy.

As David Williams, self-awareness and self-development teacher informs us, “Harmonious sound vibration directed with appropriate mental thought disrupts negative qualities and transmutes them into positive qualities. Esoteric sound vibrations shatter rigid patterns…” (Williams, p.65).

“And [as for] the who follow the right direction, He increases them in guidance and gives them their guardian [against evil] (Surat Muhammad 67:17).