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Why Do People Hate Muslims?

Why do people make fun of Islam? Why do they insult it? Why are these cartoons being made? Why is there so much propaganda and so much hate speech towards Muslims?

Even justified as journalism nowadays, massed as editorial columns, the framing has become more interesting… so they talked about radical Islam, and that these fanatics believe in some crazy militant version of Islam, where they want to kill everyone, and want to put women in garbage bags…

But further down the line, the definition of radical has loosened up to the point where if you pray five times, you’re pretty radical.

Radical used to be really crazy but now they’re saying anything that if you can show Islam, if you even look Muslim too much, if a woman is wearing hijab, she must be radical, if a guy has got a beard, he must be radical Muslim.

We don’t have it that bad in the US, but in Europe, it’s pretty bad, it’s seen as a very radical. But the question is, why? We have this mentality, the Muslims have developed this mindset:

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“They’re out to get us man! They hate us. They keep doing this propaganda against us, they hate everything about Islam…”

We don’t have any time to look at the mirror. The Prophets were also made fun of. The Quran says:

They make fun of those who believed. (2:212)

The fundamental question is, why were they made fun of? And why are we made fun of? Is it the same thing?

And I argue it is not. Those people were made fun of because that was one of the ways to shut down the work of Islam, one of the ways to stop Islam from spreading because they didn’t know what else to do.

Islam was thought provoking and eye opening. Islam called for justice, it questioned injustices happening in that society. And young people, old people were gravitating towards Islam and they didn’t know how to stop it.

So they came out with a tactic of calling the Prophet a liar and it didn’t work.

“Maybe we can mock these people and just laugh them off so nobody thinks they’re a big deal.” That was one of their tactics.

And when that didn’t work, they resorted to other tactics. All of these tactics were there to stop Islam from spreading because it was too powerful.

I don’t argue that it’s the case with us. I argue the ridicule that is being made of Islam because of how Muslims appear, what Muslims have become, how we carry ourselves, what our societies, streets in our neighborhood, homes, business, governments look like.

If you want to look at an example of corruption, uncivilized society, travel to a Muslim world. Hard for us to civilized in the parking lot in the masjid for God’s sake. The only time we’re organized is when we’re praying in lines!

The worst kind of the basic human decency that we don’t possess. What is Muslim civilization? We love quoting our history when Muslims were at the forefront of invention, when they were leading the universities of the world, when Europeans come to us to learn, when Spain was a model for the world…

What are you going to quote now? What have we produced as a people? How have contributed to the world?

The only time we make it to the news is when we blow something up or when we’re in some kind of chaos or another.

Look at it from the outside perspective, these people are crazy.

As a matter of fact, let’s talk about western Muslims for a moment. We come to this society and I’ve dealt with the Muslim community in the US for quite some time, I have had decent interaction with the Muslim community in England and Australia…

But let me tell you something, the things you see among Muslims, I saw business owners that lie on their taxes… we have such low moral standards.

You have Muslim business owners that don’t pay decent wages, they don’t even pay their wife’s mahr. They complain about the injustice in the world and they don’t even have justice inside their home.

Why would somebody want to be attracted to Islam? The verse I want to share with you is one of the scariest verse in the Quran when it come to the ummah:

Our Lord, don’t make us a fitnah (tribulation) to those who have disbelieved. (60:5)

In other words, one of the meanings of this verse: O Allah don’t make us so ratchet and embarrassing people, so far from the actual beautiful teachings of Islam that when non Muslims see us they say: “Why would I want anything to do with Islam? Why would I want to be a Muslim? I want to be like these people? Is this what I want to be like?”

They’re not justified in them poking fun, but we’re not justified when we refuse to look in the mirror. We have to start looking in the mirror.