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Women Enjoy These Rights in Islam

Wealth of Women

For centuries, women have been fighting for their rights to control their own wealth. Little do they realize that Allah has granted this to us over fourteen hundred years ago.

Whatever a woman owns is hers when she gets married and remains hers, her husband has no right on it at all. Whatever comes to her during the marriage remains hers, the husband has no right on it at all except that which she chooses to give to him. He can’t even ask for what is hers.

The responsibility of maintenance is his, no matter how much money she has. She controls, she make decisions about what is done with her property and her income.

Right of Care and Protection

When a woman gets married, she signs the contract of marriage (Aqdu-Nikah). What is Aqd? In Islamic terms it means the transfer of the responsibility of guardianship and care and protection from the father to the new husband of his daughter.

If the man divorces her, she returns back to the guardianship and care and protection of her father. If the father is not there, it’s her brother; then it’s her uncle; and if they’re not there, it’s upon the whole community… It’s a compulsory thing upon the Muslim community to care for her and protect her, and look after her. And this is not for the man, this is only for the woman.

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Right to Choose Spouse

We also have the right to choose our own husband. Many people have the misconception that marriages are arranged by family members, and in some cultures unfortunately, this is true. They bypass Islamic law and follow something that comes from way beyond imagination.

In Islam, the male and female child must be consulted before they are married. The involvement on the part of the parents is supposed to be in making sure that this female or male child are people who belong together, that they are going to bring each other happiness, that they are going to make a solid family which will be an asset to the society.

Emotional Feeling

Allah created emotional feelings within the woman that are a little bit heavier than the man, especially at the times of her physiological changes, especially at the time of her pregnancy, at the time of her labor, or breastfeeding and post natal situations.

In all these circumstances, the woman’s emotions in hormonal state is confusing, and she can’t be blamed for everything she says or does.

For this reason, Allah put this thing called Rahim inside her to give the man a little more pressure to monitor this trust and to forgo her faults in those times.

We’re deciding the future of the universe. What I teach my children determines whether they are builders or destroyers, peacemakers or warmongers.

So yes, I’m deciding the future of the universe in how I teach my children and how they teach their children. That all comes from the mother. So we know the value and importance of motherhood.

However, there is a problem. This trust that we have, our mind, our body, and our soul, there is this enemy who will not leave us alone. He’s called Iblis and Satan. And Allah tells us to beware of Iblis and his soldiers.


You know how the humans follow him? Everything which Allah commanded us and prohibited us, the Satan prohibits you the opposite way and commands you the opposite way.

The Quran says we should cover ourselves and identify ourselves as being Muslims. My hijab does that. When I walk down the street, I’m identified as being Muslim.

The second part says that we would not be molested. Molesting does not just mean rape, and we’ve simplified things a little bit too much when we start talking about Islam.

First thing you have to know that rape has nothing to do with sex, physical desire, love, any of that. Rape is an act of violence and hate, and it does not depend on the way a woman is dressed. A woman doesn’t asked to be raped by wearing less clothing.

That is not why a man rapes. A man does not rape because he is sexually excited by the physical appearance of a woman. This is an act of hate for women, it is an act of violence against a woman. And they even rape 70 and 80 year old women with no figure.

This dress prevents us from being molested, because this dress reminds us constantly who we are.

When I passed the store window and when I see myself, I’m reminded that I am a Muslim.


1- Women: what is mentioned about the equality of men and women in the Quran?

  • Men are always superior to women in all aspects
  • Women are always superior to men in all aspects
  • Women and men have the same religious and moral duties and responsibilities

2- Do Muslim women have the right to accept or deny marriage proposals?

  • Have full rights to accept or deny
  • Can’t choose their suitors
  • Parents of the bride has the right

3- What did the Prophet mention about raising of daughters?

  • Anyone who raises two daughters with love and affection will enter paradise
  • There is no mention about the raising of daughters
  • None of the above

4- What did the Prophet mention about the status of a mother?

  • Mothers are bad omens
  • Paradise is beneath the feet of a mother
  • None of the above

5- Does Islam teach about the right to education for women?

  • The right to education is only for men
  • There is no education system in Islam
  • Seeking knowledge is mandatory for every Muslim

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