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The Story of Qarun (Korah) in the Quran

Qarun was from the nation of Moses, he is from the children of Israel. Allah said that he became a transgressor and tyrant against all the people of Bani Israel and he was one of the most transgressors during the time of Moses.

Pharaoh is in charge and the Israelites are slaves. They’re being held in a ghetto population and they’re being controlled and beaten, and abused for labor, they’re being horribly mistreated…

When you treat people like this for a long period of time, there is a danger that they might rebel. Pharaoh was afraid that there might be an uprising. So one of the ways that pharaoh wanted to control the people is he had what you can call in easy language sellouts.

He had certain people from Banu Israel that he paid good money and they would keep an eye on the Israelites and what they’re talking about or if anybody’s getting out of line so he can report back. He made a lot of money as a result.

So you can imagine this guy has vaults that even the keys that he had or these opening latches that he had, it would take a bunch of strong men to grab it and even they would get exhausted after even trying to open it once… meaning extremely secure and if the lock and the is that big, then what is inside? He doesn’t have one, he has a number of those.

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When he has the security guards come and open the vault, the rest of the community can see. He is the only billionaire among a bunch of bankrupt people. Then everybody else is living like slaves, and this guy is living like a billionaire. He’s got his nice ride, he’s got his nice house, he’s got these vaults everywhere that nobody can open…

And you know as it opens little by little, he sees his coins inside and all the stuff and his face lights up. People see the look on his face when he’s looking at his money and that’s when they say to him:

“Listen. Don’t be happy over you acquiring unlawful means. Don’t be happy over your tyranny. Don’t be happy over your aggression. Don’t be happy over your oppression.

Don’t be happy over your extortion. Don’t be happy over doing something wrong. Allah doesn’t love those who are happy through unlawful means. And prepare yourself for the hereafter. Don’t only focus on this world, and what you’re going to acquire in this world. Focus on what Allah has prepared for you in the hereafter. You don’t live in this world forever, there is also a second world.”

Some people of his community said:

“Oh if we had what Qarun has!”

Most people were actually obsessed with him, they wished they lived that life, they were hoping for that position. Why? Because he was in that attractive position and everybody wants to be like that.

What was the response of Qarun?

After his people told him “Don’t be happy”, his response was:

“I acquired all my wealth, I got all my wealth through my own experience and through my own sweat. I’m the one that works so hard for this wealth, I’m the one who put effort to this wealth, all these things that you are saying to me, I don’t care about them…”

So Allah responds:

Didn’t he know before that Allah had destroyed before him many nations who were richer, stronger, more stable than him?

So what he did? He gathered his workers and slaves, and then he started to parade and march in the middle of the street with hundreds of people surrounding him carrying his wealth. And he was riding his horses that were all clothed in gold and he was clothed himself with gold.

So people saw that parade and were attached to this wealth… when they saw Qarun and his adornments, they said:

“We wish to as wealthy as Qarun. Qarun has been given a great fortune, he’s a fortunate, happy, lucky person, we wish we’re like him.”

But Allah talks about the other group of people, those who have faith, righteousness, piety, and knowledge of the Torah. They replied those who longed for the wealth of Qarun by saying:

“The rewards of Allah is by far better than what Qarun has and believing in Allah and doing righteous actions is by far a lot more dearer and beloved to Allah. And better for you in this world and in the hereafter. It is only those who are patient will be granted this reward.”

Now Allah shows His power, strength, and magnificence. He caused the earth to swallow Qarun and his wealth while everyone was watching.

What did his wealth do to him? What does his wealth benefit him at that time? What would his wealth and all the wealth of this world put together benefit Qarun when Allah wanted the ground and the earth to swallow him?

He had nothing. He had no company to help him, he had none to support him. Allah speaks about those who were longing for and wishing to become like Qarun when they heard and saw what happened to Qarun, they say:

“Allah is the one that decrees upon his servants His provision and sustenance. And Allah is the one who decrees upon his servants their share in this world and if Allah didn’t bless us and made us like Qarun, Allah would have destroyed us, and would have caused this earth to swallow us.”