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The Story of Dhul Qarnain

This is a transcript of a video on the story of Dhul Qarnain.

The story of a great king, a worshipper, a slave of Allah, was probably not a prophet of God, however definitely he was a Muslim, a Unitarian, only believes in one God.

Despite his wealth and power and strength, Allah gave him a king who worshipped Allah sincerely, and Allah had given him phonemical strength, phenomenal both physical strength, able to lift things, carry things and move things but also his army that Allah given him was a formidable army, and one of the things that Dhul Qarnain loved to do or had a vision of was, he wanted to bring a lot of the world under the rule of Allah, yes under his rule and authority but the point was that he would spread monotheism at the same time as well.

{They ask you about Dhul Qarnain, verily we (Allah) established him in the earth and we gave him from everything single matter a way and a path, meaning we eased his affair in every matter}

First of all, he had no financial worry, he was a king. Secondly he had no power issue, because Allah gave him a huge army that was formidable, also you know many kings suffer from bad image, but no he had a good image and people knew about Dhul Qarnain and they knew that he was a righteous king and that he was pious man.

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He worshipped God fearing Him, so he had good name, therefore his subjects did not fear him, they revered him, and they praised him and many of them loved him as well. His enemies feared him and so even before he attacked them. The enemies were almost destroyed by the fear that they had in their hearts.

So he took a path, meaning he wanted to go somewhere, so he took a path of travel until he had come to a place where the sun sets (in the west). And when he went west, he found the sun going down in Murky waters. Some scholars say it’s a black sea, others said it’s Aegean sea, and upon that area, he found a people.

It was revealed to him:

{O Dhul Qarnain, do you want to punish them or do you want to leave them in goodness?}

So what Dhul Qarnain chose to do?

{As for the one who wronged himself, then we’ll punish that person, then he’ll be taken back to his Lord, after he dies, then Allah will punish him a punishment that is tremendous or unheard of. As for the one who believes and does righteous deeds, then I’ll give him good rewards and I will say to him from my affair that which will be easy for him.}

Then he decided to move on and he took another path until he reached where the sun comes up. Some said it’s Africa, some said it’s Asia… This would have been somewhere in the east. Allah knows.

{And he found the sun was coming up over a people we have not put from them meaning from the sun any covering}

So they were basically savages who didn’t have even proper dwellings who didn’t even cover themselves properly, who had basically no barrier against the sun.

Therefore he took another path in order to travel. Where did he go? to Turkey or around that area until he reached that area which is Turkmenistan, he reached two mountains. According to some of the narrations shows that these mountains are in south Turkey.

And he found just beyond the mountains, were a people who said:

{O the possessor of two horns, verily Gog and Magog have created lot of mischiefs on the earth. So can we give you some money so that you can put a barrier between us and them?}

Who are Gog and Magog? Ibn Abbas mentioned that they were Turkish Mongol in origin, other scholars mention that their origins are from Mongolian, Turkish, Chinese mixed with Asian feature… and unfortunately they created a lot of mischief.

{That in which my Lord has enabled me is better [than what you offer], but assist me with strength; I will make between you and them a barrier.} (Quran 18:95)

He said: I can see that these people are spreading mischief… come and support me in this cause that you want me to finish. So help me with your strength so that I can put between you and me a barrier.

So Gog and Magog were unique people, human beings but they are people who have significant mischief.

{Give me blocks of iron}

And they were able to bring large pieces of iron to help Dhul Qarnain. Dhul Qarnain created big cauldrons; he started to melt the iron until he had then closed off the gap between the two mountains. He said:

{Now breathe on it}

He said:

{This is a mercy from Allah}

So Dhul Qarnain is teaching us that even a great king, when he achieved something great they attribute it to Allah.

Remember that this is not going to stay all the time but if the promise of Allah comes, Allah will destroy this barrier.

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