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How Has the Quran Influenced Your Life?

Republished with kind permission from Understand Quran.

What does role does the Quran play in our lives? Here’s a short list. Please add your own views in the comments section below!
The Quran:
1.    Teaches Muslim parents to create homes that are safe and nurturing— emotionally, physically, and spiritually— for Muslim children. (Quran, 2:233)
2.    Teaches us to treat our parents well. (Quran, 6:151)
3.    Encourages us to be loving spouses— patient, kind, affectionate, and just.
4.    Encourages us to respect life and all that Allah has created, to be responsible with the resources with which He has provided us.
5.    Discourages us from devoting our lives to envy.
6.    Teaches us gratitude, enhancing our joy in the dunya.
7.    Builds unity in the ummah.
8.    Teaches us to avoid conflict and seek peace.
9.    Encourages us in halal work. (Quran, 18:110)
10.    Teaches us to be faithful to our employers while not compromising our obedience to Allah.
11.    Teaches us to be good students of the message. (Quran, 7:158)
12.    Encourages us to enjoy the good things that Allah has given us.
13.    Teaches us to be grateful for tests that may come in the form of trials and hardships.
14.    Saves us from becoming enslaved to pleasure. (Quran, 3:14)
15.    Teaches us to be truthful.
16.    Obliges us to be fair and honest in our dealings with others.
17.    Inspires us with a love for the beauty of nature.
18.    Discourages racism, showing us how Allah judges us according to our righteousness alone. (Quran, 7:168)
19.    Unites people of many cultures.
20.    Shows us the folly of violence. (Quran, 59:14)
21.    Helps us focus our minds on what’s most important.
22.    Encourages intellectual integrity.
23.    Gives us examples of heroically righteous men, women, and children. (Quran, 12:22)
24.    Counters the world’s attempts to make heroes of sinful people.
25.    Teaches us how to pray.
26.    Gives us dietary guidelines. (Quran, 2:173)
27.    Obliges us to be clean. (Quran, 5:6)
28.    Prevents us from committing shirk.
29.    Compels us to remember Allah always.
30.    Dispels sadness, fear, anger, and worry just by the hearing of a recitation. (Quran, 3:108)
31.    Aids us in decision-making.
32.    Exhorts us to care for the weak, the poor, those with challenges, the vulnerable, the young, and the aged. (Quran, 2:3)
33.    Changes us in positive ways, transforming us into the persons Allah created us to be.
34.    Exhorts us to remove ourselves from the countless distractions of worldly life in order to spend time alone with our creator, praying and reflecting on His words.
35.    Gives us hope of a beautiful reward. (Quran, 3:136)

How has the Quran influenced, changed, or enriched your life? Add your comments below!