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Postures of Muslim Prayer Explained

The first step of the Muslim prayer is we raise our hands in a way pulling back the entire world and putting it behind us, and then turning into a new state.

 And we say “Allahu Akbar”, which means God is greater than all of this world and what’s in it.

In those five to ten minutes of prayer, we try to focus as much as we can just on God. It is hard, but it’s a practice we do five times a day.

The steps of the Muslim prayer are as follows:

1- Standing Up

In this state, our mind is above our heart and this symbolizes the first step of the journey for a seeker of the truth.

2- Bowing

The second step of the prayer is when we enter into the state of ruku’, which is the bowing state, where my mind and my heart are aligned. This is the state of faith.

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It is the second stage of the seeker; they enter into this state once they’ve learned the practice and it’s transferred from their mind to their heart.

3- Prostration in Prayer

The final step in the Muslim prayer is the sujood (the prostration), where we place our face below our mind. In this state, when we place our heart above our mind, it’s a state of complete submission, which is what Islam means.

It is a submission of our heart to God and trusting that whatever happens in our lives, whatever hardships happen, we trust God, and that we love God whether the times are tough or the times are prosperous. So we thank Him in both situations.

 That’s the Muslim prayer.

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