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Muslims Believe in All Prophets and Messengers of God

It’s part of Islam to believe in all the messengers and the Prophets of God. First of all, we have to understand what is a messenger and what is a Prophet, are they the same things?

The Difference Between Messengers and Prophets

A Prophet is called “nabi” in Arabic and a messenger is called “rasul”.

A messenger is always a prophet, but a prophet doesn’t always have to be a messenger. And a prophet is to convey an already established revelation (wahy); however, a messenger doesn’t bring a new message.

Messengers are over three hundred, and the Prophets over time have numbered over one hundred and twenty-four thousand.

Why is there a Need for Prophets and Messengers?

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Why didn’t God send the angels down with the message to believe in Him?

Here, we have to look at the Human nature. Of course our intellect is definitely restricted and we much more easily would relate to a fellow human being. God sent people amongst us, people who we know and trust, to convey the message successfully.

We need leaders to guide us to good behavior and to show us how to believe in God.

Spiritual Accountability

Messengers were sent to different nations. After the message has been given and has been understood by individuals does accountability begin.

What does this mean?

The journey to understand and accept belief in God is an individual journey. it’s only until the individual has a full understanding of what God is and what He wants from us, and then chooses either to accept it or to reject it does the spiritual accountability to God Himself begin.

It’s really to do with the heart and its connection with God.

The Mission is Clear and Simple

The message of the Prophets and messengers is clear and simple. They call people to believe in the one God and to do good. They also warn that if we turn away from this after having had clear proof and message, we risk failure in this life and in the Hereafter.

As Muslims, it’s part of our faith to believe in all the Prophets and messengers, whether they’re mentioned or not mentioned in the Quran. We believe in Abraham, Jesus, Isaac, Joseph… (peace be upon them). Belief in them is the foundation of our faith.

Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) is the seal and the final Prophet who brought the final text and message to humanity: The Quran.

About Ustadha Ameena Blake
From Sheffield, UK; Ustadha Ameena Blake embraced Islam in 1992. Her academic qualifications include undergraduate in English Studies, Post Graduate in teaching, MSc in Leadership and Management and MA in Islamic Studies.Ameena has been active since 1994 having studied under various shuyukh and academics including Dr Jamal Badawi, Sh Abdul Aziz Atiq (Yemen), Sh Faisal Manjoo, Dr Atullah Siddiqui and others. Roles have included Vice President of MAB, Assistant Secretary General of the MCB and Head teacher of a girl’s Islamic school. She is founding director of the EHUK women’s refuge project and is a lecturer at Markfield Institute of Higher Education. She also sits on Mosque boards and is an Islamic advisor on Halal Guide.Ustadha Ameena lectures about Islam nationally and internationally and has appeared at conferences, fundraisers and events across the globe.Her topics include tazkiyah, women in the Quran, dawah and Seerah and others. She delivers regular live interactive lectures on Facebook and has appeared on channels including Channel 4, Sky TV, The Islam channel, BBC radio, Iqraa TV and others.