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I’m Not a Muslim – The Reason That I Believe in Allah

Many people wonder whether I’m a Muslim or not. The answer is: I haven’t done the shahadah yet, but I have belief in Allah and I believe that Muhammad is His last messenger.

The Reason That I Believe in Allah

First, my family is Catholic and I was born Catholic too; and my Catholic name is David Kim (the Prophet Dawud in Islam).

I was just busy at living my life. I thought religion has nothing to do with me. When I was in high school, in science class, we were learning the birth of earth. The air is created, the sea is created and this environment made the conditions that make the life. Amino acids, RNA, DNA…

I kept wondering: why are they made? What is the origin of this everything?

They don’t teach about this. So suddenly I felt like maybe someone has created this everything for some reasons. Someone who is not created; that absolute thing. I thought there was like a super power, science can’t explain everything.

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So I believe in something but not in Catholicism because I couldn’t accept a person is God and I couldn’t believe that I’m a sinner since I was born because of Adam.

Kindness and Respect

A few years ago, I had a chance to visit to Islamic countries and I met many Muslims and it changed my thoughts a lot.

I had bad images about Islam because of the media, but they were totally changed. After I met them and saw their attitude of their life, their peaceful heart and respect impressed me a lot. It was really different.

We always learn to be kind and respectful but we usually we don’t practice, so it was really impressive. I finally knew that they believe in Allah, so I started to believe about this.

Who am I? Where did I come from? Where am I going?

Allah answers all of these questions. He teaches us what we should do in this short life. Kindness and respect are one of them.

For me, Catholicism is a little bit hard to understand, but in Quran everything is so clear: God, Allah, is only one, the Absolute. And if I do something wrong, I am only responsible for this.

All the instructions of life are in Quran, and Prophet Muhammad followed it and practiced it and showed us how to practice these things in our real life, and also how to prepare for the afterlife.

I think it’s amazing! Life is a journey, if you follow God’s commands, He makes this trip beautiful and valuable. At the end of this trip, there is an amazing present for you.

Those who follow the path of Allah look really happy.

You should know that Muslims believe in Allah have amazing energy and happiness.

This is why I believe in Allah.