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If I Convert to Islam, Should I Give Up Fun?

There is nowhere in the Quran and the prophetic tradition shows that having a good time and enjoying life is prohibited.

We have narrations that indicate times when Prophet Muhammad was racing with his wife as well as other recreational activities. Many other stories of the past to present also indicate that enjoying life via various means is even recommended in order to maintain a good balance in life.

If, however, having fun means doing acts prohibited in Islam, then one may take a better look at their priorities and real sincerity regarding their Creator.

Halal Fun

Of course, doing acts of fun that are not prohibited takes a back seat to performing obligatory religious duties. Once the obligation is fulfilled, then time can be spent to do other activities as long as one does not set him/herself to rebel against the Creator by doing the forbidden.

One way to encourage oneself to make the transition is to reflect on the Hereafter. Does that really exist? What does it mean to me?

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Let us examine our own selves in this world. When we set out to study at the university for the purpose of getting a better job or having a better future, would we not strive hard to do our best to get there?

How would we feel if we have fulfilled all our study obligations with good marks and have striven to enhance our qualifications and after a job interview we find out that someone much less qualified got the job? Don’t we feel that the employer was unfair?

We have established now the existence of God and His mercy upon us by sending us messengers for guidance. If we have fulfilled our obligations of the religious duties by implementing the knowledge that we have striven for, should we not expect a reward?

Would God’s justice be implemented if He rewarded the good and the wrong doer the same? Please think again with deeper reflection about your Creator:

{What! did you then think that We had created you in vain and that you shall not be returned to Us?} (Quran 23:115)

Some may think that God created us and gave us a set of instructions and order to worship Him and if we did not, He is set to punish us.

Don’t Reject Guidance

Do you also see that God is not interested to exert punishment upon us once we err? He gives us our entire life to learn, implement and perfect our spiritual life. He is fast to forgive and slow to punish. Yet, once death befalls us, there is no more chance to return and repent.

So, for how long do we reject guidance? God reminds us that He does not punish anyone unless the warning has reached them:

{Who receives guidance, receives it for his own benefit: who goes astray does so to his own loss: No bearer of burdens can bear the burden of another: nor would We visit with Our Wrath until We had sent an apostle (to give warning).} (17:15)

When we have good thoughts about God, we may see His abundant justice – but we need to come to know him better!

{Allah is never unjust in the least degree: If there is any good (done), He doubles it, and gives from His own presence a great reward.} (4:40)

Ultimately, God does not compel anyone to follow Him or give up the worldly pleasures for the sake of closeness to Him. The free will is among the numerous gifts He has given us.

{And say: “The truth is from your Lord”: Let him who will believe, and let him who will, reject (it).} (Al-Kahf 18:29)

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