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6 Spiritual Productivity Tips to Help You Benefit From Rajab

Some Interesting Facts About Rajab

The month of Rajab is called Rajab Al-Haram (Arabic for: “the Sacred Rajab”), because it’s one of the four sacred months, during which fighting is prohibited.

It’s also called Rajab Al-Fard (Arabic for: “the Solitary Rajab”) because it’s separated from the other three successive sacred months (Dhul-Qi`dah, Dhul-Hijjah and Muharram). It comes five months after them.

Rajab also witnessed Al-Isra’ wa Al-Mi’raj, the miraculous Night Journey with which Allah honored the Prophet Muhammad.

Before Islam, the Arabs used to slaughter a sacrifice during Rajab as an act of worship towards their idols. When Islam came people were taught that sacrifices were to be offered only to Allah. Alhamdulillah for our logical deen!

Are You Conscious of Your Actions?

Rajab (and the other three months) are called sacred for two reasons:

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1. Because fighting therein is forbidden unless initiated by the enemy;

2. Because transgression of the sacred limits therein is worse than at other times.

Allah says:

… so wrong not yourselves therein.

Wronging yourself refers to committing sins and having wrong belief.  So why should we pay attention to the sanctity of these four months? Because Allah selected them for a special status and has forbidden us to commit sins out of respect for their sanctity.

Sins committed at this time are even worse, even though committing bad deeds is forbidden during the whole year! We honor whatever Allah and the Prophet honor.

The only way you can make sure you do not wrong yourself is to be conscious of your deeds. How many times do we “relax” and loosen up in our worship?

Let’s use these sacred months, given to us by the Creator of time, to take account of ourselves! Think about the state of your heart. Reflect on your life and deeds. Have I been aware of what I’ve been saying and doing to others? What is my relationship with the Quran? Have I given any priority in my life to learning and understanding it?

Ramadan Preparation

Another thing is that the month of Rajab comes at an extremely important time of the year for you. It means that Ramadan is near! While some specific acts of worship in Rajab are disputed (like specific prayers and dua, or singling out this month for visiting graves), you can do many good deeds to benefit and prepare for your favorite guest: Ramadan!

6 Spiritual Productivity Tips to Help You Benefit

1.      Think about Your Intention

I can’t remind myself often enough: think about your intention! Myself— and you— should apply these tips with the intention to mentally and physically prepare for Ramadan!

2.      Seek Forgiveness, and Forgive!

Remember: don’t wrong yourself. We all sin. Strive for a tawbah nasoohah— a sincere repentance. Ask Allah to forgive you, so you can start Ramadan with a heart that feels light and strong enough to worship well. Also, try to forgive others for the wrong they’ve done you so your heart won’t have grudges or ill-feeling and will free to enjoy worship in Ramadan!

3.      Fast Some Extra Days

There’s no authentic narration from the Prophet nor companions stating that there’s a special virtue in fasting in Rajab. The same fasting is prescribed as in the other months, for example Mondays and Thursdays and the mid three days of the lunar month or fasting alternate days.

There is no better way to prepare mentally and physically than to fast some extra days. So if you’ve never fasted on Monday or Thursday, start at least with one day a week!

4.      Deprive Yourself

Start training yourself to resist by not indulging in things your nafs desires. Have a simple dinner over the weekend, for example, or avoid biscuits and sweets for a change. This will set the tone for you to control your nafs in Ramadan.

5. Think about Your Charity

In this sacred month do charitable deeds consciously and with the intention to please Allah. Think about good deeds you can do. Help someone, cook for someone, give a compliment, make your mother smile, and even trying to stay away from a bad habit (like watching too much television)!

6.      Make Dua

Ask Allah for His forgiveness and to bless us to reach Ramadan. Ask Allah to accept your past Ramadans.

A Beautiful Note On Choosing: You Have A Mission!

Remember how beautiful Allah selects with the greatest wisdom? He chose His messengers, His books and… He chose you! Allah says:

He has chosen (selected) you (Muslims). (Quran, 22:77)

He gave you the privilege to say: la ilaha illa Allah! Allah did not just choose you; there’s a reason why He selected you. He saw in you something that could fulfill the mission of this ummah. The majority of those on earth are not chosen, but you’re part of the small selection when you submit yourself to Him.

This is both a great honor and a great responsibility!

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