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3 Things Will Happen Just Before Imam Mahdi Appears

I will talk about the three things that will happen to this Ummah just before the coming of the Mahdi. And let’s see whether these things have happened to us already so that we know whether we should pack our bags right now and get going, or what should we be doing?

1- The Peace Treaty between the Muslims and the Christians

The first thing that the Prophet Muhammad mentioned is that:

The Hour will not come until there will be a peace treaty.

There will be a peace treaty between the Muslims and the Christians. And this is an authentic hadith which is reported in Musnad Ahmad, At-Tirmidhi and others. And in it the Prophet said that the Hour will not come until the Muslims first have a peace treaty with the Christians. Now, I ask you this question:

Are all the Muslim states today in a peace treaty with the Christians?

So, this hadith has already come. Isn’t it?

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2- The Armageddon

Then after the peace treaty, will come the war of wars. What is this war of wars? It is the Armageddon that all the Scriptures have talked about.

So, the second thing that the Prophet talked about in this hadith, he said:

Then there will occur the mother of battles, the war of wars.

3- The Unity of Muslims and the Christians

And contrary to what the Christians believe, the authentic Sunnah tells us that:

The Muslims will join forces with the Christians to fight a common enemy.

So, this Armageddon is not war of Muslims against the Christians. No. It is the Muslims with the Christians fighting a common enemy.

What is this common enemy? Allah knows best.

However, we know that this Armageddon will take place in the lands of Palestine. Is this common enemy the Jews? Allah knows best.

We don’t know. But, it mentions that they will come together, join forces to fight a common enemy in the lands of Palestine.

In fact, Jimmy Swaggart, as you know the man who debated Ahmed Deeddat, mentions in one of his books as well that:

“I used to think that Armageddon will come at a different time, however I’m convinced that the Armageddon will come once we are still alive and it will happen in the lands of Palestine.”

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