Islam: A Profound Insight (Book Review)

Title: Islam: A Profound Insight

Author: Ahmad M. Hemaya

Publisher: Zamzam Presses

Year: 2011

Pages: 366

Where do we come from?

Where we are going?

Why are we here?

Who created the universe?

These are some of the big questions that come to everyone’s mind. In his book “Islam: A Profound Insight”, the author uses simple language to explain such big questions. It is a very informative book that presents a deeper insight into Islam with modern outlines, analysis, shapes and colors.

Unlike other books on Islam, “Islam: A Profound Insight” is an illustrated work based on a broad approach elucidating accurate and fundamental sides of Islamic belief that succeed to drive the mind to logical conclusions.

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With logical and scientific sources and evidence, “Islam: A Profound Insight” is a thematic summary of a longer work that may help some see Islam in a new light. In his preface Hemaya writes:

“This work is the result of a deepened insight into Islam, which was established through the study of Islamic sciences and acquiring knowledge from more than 72 scholars over 17 years.”

Throughout the six chapters of the book and through logical and philosophical questions, Hemaya – addressing the mind – has perfectly answered and remarkably illustrated his arguments by quotes of famous western scholars and authentic Islamic sources.

The first two thirds of the work cover the first beginning of the universe and its mobility, the existence of God, life and human beings. It is widely accepted among scientists that the Big Bang theory is the cause for the first existence of the universe. But what determines the beginning of the universe? How was it created in such order and beauty?

Chapter 1

Based on these key questions about our existence, the first chapter explores, from an Islamic perspective, the existence of God, the first beginning of the universe and life.

It discusses scientifically the Big Bang theory and tries to understand Darwin and his theory in scientifically context. Here Hemaya establishes a new remarkable analysis for the evolution theory and tires to clear it without any confusion.

The Hereafter, Prophet Muhammad & Quran

Chapters 2 & 3

The author shifts our attention to another world, another life that is everlasting and eternal in Chapter Two which is basically about what will happen in the Hereafter.

It includes brief clips to what will happen when we die and after death and at the moment of resurrection; this is followed by magnificent pictures of Paradise with extensive descriptions and analysis using simple, flexible arguments stirring our minds and making us live the place and the situation.

In parallel, the author answers the questions about the existence of Hell and punishment and why was Hell created since God is merciful.

Refuting skepticism and fallacies about Prophet Muhammad and his message take part in books, researches and media with similar wording and ideas, but systematic elaboration in this book is rare. The author traces Prophet Muhammad’s biography and his miracles proving his prophethood with eloquent and persuasive data.

Chapter 4

Almost half the space in chapter four is taken up by illustrations of famous western scientists, orientalists and philosophers proving the divinity of the Quran and its miracles. Prof. Alfred Kroner, professor of Geo-Sciences at the University of Mainz, said:

“I think it is almost impossible that he (Muhammad) could have known about things like the common origin of the universe, because scientists have only found out within the last few years with very complicated and advanced technological methods that this is the case.”

God has sent the final revelation – the Quran – for the guidance of humankind. Hence, the Quran is the guidance for Muslims.

Chapter 5

Chapter Five is all about whys and meanings of Islamic ethics, morality, manners and worship. It doesn’t describe “how” Muslims practice their religion, but rather “why” explaining the background of the faith with more than 1.5 billion followers around the world today.

Chapter 6

In the sixth chapter, the final part of the book, the topics that currently dominate the image of Islam in the media are discussed and explained using Islam’s original sources –the Quran, Sunnah and Shariah (Islamic Law).

Additionally, the everyday application of these issues in Muslim societies throughout history is also discussed. Here, the position of women in Islam is addressed first, followed by the relation between freedom, civilization and Islam as a state system, the interaction of Muslims with religious minorities throughout history. Finally, Jihad and its meaning is closely examined and clearly illustrated.

Straightforward and accessible, “Islam: A Profound Insight” offers readers a depth of analysis that will surely help them improve their understanding of Islam. It has the ability to motivate the mind, increase faith and show the path ahead for finding the answers to life’s big questions.

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