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Women in Islam Are Like Diamonds

New Converts in the Muslim World

Women in Islam are like diamonds. Allah creates these rules to protect them.

My name is Julia, and my Muslim name is Aysil. I am from Russia and I’m very happy to convert to Islam.

My lifestyle changed after Islam for the best because I started to believe in God; and this belief gave me power. And anything I ask, by time, Allah gives it to me; I’m very thankful, and Inshallah all people will feel the same.

Marriage in Islam

I see marriage in Islam, of course, in a perfect way because it’s the perfect system from Allah for any couple.

First of all, woman in Islam is protected like diamond. It gives protection in many ways. Even before marriage, man is asked to do a lot of things to marry a woman, and the woman comes with small bag of clothes to her husband; so he must take her with all his heart.

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And also if something bad happened to her, in this life, Islam gives protection after divorce or any bad things happen.

In Islam, the husband’s rights are much easier than those of the woman. And for the woman, it’s easy to be a wife than to be a husband because the husband has a lot of obligations towards his wife but the woman must just be his right hand, listen to him, and be next to his heart, of course support him, and to be a good mother and a good wife.

Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) was very kind to his wives, and even when his wife Aisha wanted to ride a camel, he was like a stair for her, he stayed on his knees to get her up on the camel.

It was not a shame for him; he was not prideful. And if you read about how he treated his wives at home, and how he helped them… He’s a role model for men nowadays to follow.

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