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The Quran Wasn’t What I Expected!

I will shortly give you an introduction of why I became Muslim and how it just came about really.

About a year ago, my fiancée came back to his religion.

When we first met he was Muslim, but he was not a practicing Muslim. And this time last year he actually came back to his religion and found his faith again. He started to read the Quran and pray, and everything like that.

He started to read to me stories about the prophets, peace be upon them, and also gave me a web site where I could read the Quran in English, and next to it was the Arabic translation.

The Quran actually wasn’t what I expected. The way it was written was really beautiful, and it seems to me that every question you had it was answered there. No matter what question it was or anything, there was an answer in the Quran at some point in it.

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So the more I started to read about it, the more I wanted to learn about Islam, its principles and what it was like to be a Muslim in general, so I started to get books out and read them, and I also started to look at web sites on the Internet about Muslim converts and just anything that I could find really.

So it carried on for a few months, me researching and finding everything that I could, and in November of last year I actually said my Shahadah. I didn’t say it with anybody present, I said it to myself, and I did all the purifications and everything. So since then, it’s just been amazing. I don’t actually live in a Muslim community, so it’s a bit difficult for me to interact with Muslims personally.

I got a book out a few months ago, it was called The Bible, The Quran and Science, and that book is so great. It’s by an author called Maurice Baucaille, and he basically tells you all the contradictions of what the Bible says, between the Old and the New Testament, and how it has changed through the years. And then he also goes on to say that the Quran is in modern knowledge it can’t be explained, and therefore it must be the word of God, because things that happened hundreds and hundreds of years ago cannot be explained today, how they knew it sort of thing, and it’s just a great book, you should check it out it’s really good.

So that’s in a nutshell, it took a few months for me to get there, but I did.

So brothers and sisters, you’ve got a new one to add to the family.