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From a Pastor’s Wife to a Muslim

This video is transcribed by Reading Islam team.

I’m in my early 70s. I was born into a Roman Catholic family, raised Roman Catholic. I wasn’t really happy with Catholicism; it was more about what I felt was the church’s abusive power than anything else. I wandered around in Protestantism the most of my life.

I attended a lot of churches, I went to Bible studies, some I was happy in for a while and kind of eventually got discouraged with the church and would move to another one.

Well, in the early 70s, I met and married a young seminarian, a man who’s going to seminary to become a minister of the church of Christ.

As a former catholic, I was poorly equipped to be a pastor’s wife and I quickly learned as a wife of a pastor that the duties of the pastor’s wife were quite daunting sometimes.

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You know, if you go to a doctor you really don’t expect his wife to be part of your team, in most Christian churches expect the wife of the pastor to be very active in the church, helping in the nursery, teaching Sunday school, attending women’s meetings and being a very active part of every bit of life of the church.

They expect her to be able to say a spontaneous prayer to open a meeting or close the meeting, or pray for the sick…

And these were the things I was not really prepared for in my previous life. I mean I learned and I think I probably did a decent job after a while. We were in the ministry for about 10 years and then my husband decided to leave the ministry to become a social worker.

We moved up to the North Eastern part of the United State and made our home there.

So one day in October 2015 I took the shahadah, I did testify and I’m now officially a Muslim. I never looked back and I don’t regret it at all.

Unfortunately, in the North Eastern part of the United State there are very few Muslims, and there is only one mosque in my state and it’s just not anywhere near that I could travel to.

So I’ve actually never met another Muslim face to face, but know tons of Muslims on Paltalk and Facebook. I do have an opportunity to talk and ask questions with lots of them. So that’s how I became a Muslim.

From a Pastor’s wife to a Muslim! Imagine that!

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