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Muslim Ban Led Me to Islam

In 2017,  I became a Muslim. To be honest,  prior to coming to Islam, I pretty much tried every belief underneath the sun except for Islam.  I was missing something deep inside and none of the beliefs I had tried prior, could fill in the space.

I was originally raised as a Christian Evangelical by my own father. My mom’s side of the family were Orthodox Jews and wanted me to believe in that as well.

So in a sense, while growing up, I felt this tug of war vibe between both sides of my family to get me to follow their beliefs.

Finally, at the age of eighteen, I decided to become a Catholic. I went with it for awhile, but it didn’t do much for the empty space;  moved on to atheism and then spirituality, which is where I settled for a while. I wasn’t happy but it was better than me feeling miserable.

FINALLY! I came across Islam due to all of the coverage from the Muslim ban. I am a  justice warrior for Equality and Equity for ALL.

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Initially, I was hesitant because people kept telling me lies about Islam and Islamophobic propaganda, which intimidated me.  I didn’t feel I could be a Muslim and be safe from their hatred.

However, when I met other Muslims and saw that they were just like me-loving, kind humans just living for and loving Allah, it made me feel more excited and brave enough to love and follow Allah as well.

I Became Muslim

So, in January 2017, I became Muslim and celebrated my 1st World Hijab Day. Every since then, I’ve been trying my best to learn and grow as a Muslimah (Muslim woman).

When I first fasted during Ramadan, it was life to me.  I’ve never felt so cleansed and close to Allah. Finally,  for the first time, my empty space was no longer hollow. Instead, I felt WHOLE with a purpose and love for Allah.

As for wearing my hijab goes: I absolutely love it!  Hijab gives me strength and  makes me  feel FREE.  I feel like Allah is so proud of me for obeying His command and that makes me feel even more whole and complete.

Lastly,  THANK YOU for allowing us, Muslim women, to be heard and represented. Hopefully,  Insha’Allah, this will help shed beautiful truth on Islam and Muslims everywhere.