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Living Between Two Loves – A Story of Different Kind

The twenty-two years old May Davidovich converted to Islam eight years ago. Since then she has been living under threat in her childhood neighborhood in Carmiel.

She is very religious, learns the Quran and prays five times a day.

At the age of fourteen, May developed an interest in Islam. She was searching for truth, something to believe in and hold on to. Her mother is a religious Jew who keeps the Shabbat and goes to the Mikveh for the ritual immersion while her father believes in the transfer of Arabs out of Israel.

They all share a house and May hopes to find a good match that will be able to accept both her and her unusual family.

May lives between two worlds; she longs for a husband, children and a life within the Arab society but remains close to the family that pays dearly for her choice and fears losing her.

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Here is a summary of a short documentary on May’s conversion:

The Mother’s Reaction

At the first time, she doesn’t even know it that when she’s told me that she’s hanging out with an Arab. Even her dad took it easier than me, but I was shocked. I almost fainted. I have asked:

“What can I do with it? How can we bear with it?”

May Davidovich

I’m very much afraid…

The neighborhood is quiet. When there was a noise, I knew they wouldn’t do anything because when someone wants to kill you, he wouldn’t come to threaten you all day long saying: “I’ll kill you!” He’d just come and do it.

The Mother’s View

Someone brought us this information that people are actually seeking ways to harm her and our friend said with tears in his eyes:

“May please I like you, don’t let them to kill you. Yet someone will eventually stab you in your back.”

May Davidovich

The most important in a man, except for his being religious and faithful, is his respect to my family.

The Sheikh’s View

That’s very important. It doesn’t matter if she disconnects from her family or being far away from them, but at the end, you can’t forget the parents and family.

Her Grandmother

Isn’t she the same granddaughter anymore? Has anything changed?

In your view, does it matter to you whether she will be a Jew or a Muslim?