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I Was in Hell Before I Knew God

I believe in God. He is always with us and He will send us the best.

My name is Anna Bizmatirna, I’m from Russia, and I converted to Islam officially on 17 March 2014.

I grew up in a society with atheist past of Soviet Union, but at the same time, I was a Christian thanks to my family. I was so religious by nature though I didn’t get any deep knowledge or religious education for my self. But day-by-day, I discovered this love to Allah without any good understanding what does it mean to love Allah.

I was more religious especially in the time when I faced a lot of challenges in my life. Sometimes, to be honest, I hoped that God will be with me, that He can hear me, and He can help me.

Half of my life I was thinking: “O my God, I’m in Hell!”

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So I had this hope that God is with me. And when everything was ok, I decided for myself to change the country and went to Sharm Sheikh. And there I discovered another world, where I was surprised that, in Egypt, people believe in God and they can speak with everyone about God. Everyone can share this love to Allah with me.

God sent me my husband, and thanks to him and other religious people, I became more confident with my decision to change religion to be Muslim.

Alhamdulillah, now I’m Muslim and I’m with Allah.

Rights of Women

In my opinion, Islam has a lot of rights for women because Allah puts us, as women, in the high position for some reasons He knows.

In my opinion, there is some reason behind it because women are not only mothers of mankind, but, as women, though we are weak by nature, we usually take harder life than men, and we should hide this strength from them to help them feel that they’re really strong enough.

I know many examples of Arab women who converted to Islam, even with their strong system of laws. This is why Islam presents a lot of rights for women.

For me, I felt more confident. I discovered a new state of relationship with myself. I realized I’m Muslim, cultured, educated woman and I will not let anyone to look at me like a meat for eating!

So I developed this internal position inside me and I’m satisfied, and I’m happy that I am Muslim woman right now.

The Prophet’s Respect for Women

Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) showed mankind the best treatment to women. So I hope all Muslims will follow him by this attitude and behavior. Inshallah my husband will improve his attitude too, and will treat me much better.

Islam can help you with all problems which you have in your family life in peaceful and kind way.

Alhamdulillah that we have the Quran, advice from God, and the example of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

I want to say for all Muslims: don’t lose hope. Allah is with you. He can hear you and will help you and He will send you the best. Just be grateful for everything and be patient and pray for Allah.