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Fasting Changed My Life Forever – A Convert’s Story

I’m from New York and I’m Puerto Rican. I’m also an African American.

Accepting Islam, What Do You Tell Your Family?

Islam is an amazing religion and it’s something that changes your entire life.

It’s nothing like just going to church just for a wedding or baptism. It’s nothing like that. I had tended to do that at the time, just to go to the church for those special occasions. Or I hear people go to church for Christmas, and then they do it again and still lived that old life.

It’s amazing when you convert and to actually practice what is recommended by one of us as humans to do. It’s amazing and I wish that one day in-sha-‘Allah my family would decide to convert.

Fasting in Ramadan, How Did You Start?

Actually my first experience wasn’t when I was Muslim. I had practiced fasting one day before or sometime before Ramadan. I woke up remembering that I needed to fast that day but this wasn’t in Ramadan. And I did it anyway.

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I fasted and I worked the whole day and everything went fine without food. So I met the challenge. And then I decided “OK, so let me do the whole month of Ramadan,” fasting only but not on a religious ground because I wasn’t Muslim at the time. And I made it.

It was like a personal accomplishment to myself. I felt peace. I felt the kind of love that was never given to me by my family members. When I decided that I was going to convert it was about 3 weeks after Ramadan. So I hadn’t fasted the second time half way in.

Then I converted on September 13, 2009. It felt like any other day, but the next day I felt amazing. Before having to fast, I was going through tribulations; some fighting, argument and everything that I burnt many bridges. And when I converted this intense peace just covered my heart.

It was amazing and I knew things would just turn over to the better. Then I continued fasting and it was amazing. Ever since.

Days of Fasting, How Do You Spend It?

During Ramadan, I visit the sisters, I want to be with them. Right after work, I go prepare myself and I go to the center in Brooklyn. I refuse to do anything other than just be with them for that time of the year. I’ve seen all other religions and I didn’t get that feeling. I’m with my family and I still don’t get it.

With them I learned to hug. I’ve learned to tell people I love you!

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