3 Strangest Conversion Stories Told by Nouman Ali Khan

The Quran is a miracle for the most unscientific reason because it transforms lives to this day.

There are people you would think they’ll be the last person you’d think would be a Muslim on this earth.

My Neo-Nazi Friend

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One of my best friends named Abdullah (his original name is Mike). He was a neo-Nazi, tattoos all over his body.

He is memorizing the Quran right now. He was actually talking to a couple of gangs in the New York State prisons and talking about Islam. Some of the head leaders of white supremists crew because they’re old friends.

The last person you can imagine would be a Muslim. My friend was married to a black woman and they have 4 kids. This man, when he became Muslim, he says: “One day, I had a fight with my mother, I punched her in the head, I got really mad at myself so I had to find somewhere to go where the cops wouldn’t look for me so I went to the library.

I couldn’t find anything to make myself look normal, so I picked up a book and it happened to be the Quran. I wasn’t reading it, it was reading me.” He took the shahadah in the library.

The weirdest experiences that people have when they read the Quran, it just completely transforms their lives.

A Japanese Woman

Where my daughters go to Islamic kindergarten preschool, I started it, I was a principal first but I quit when we found a suitable replacement. The replacement is a Japanese woman who was a very high power executive downtown. She used to work in Wall Street and you know they have vendors in Wall Street that sell shawarmas we call them chicken guys. She was one of those. The guy was blasting like recitation of the Quran. She goes on “that’s really interesting music, where’d you get that?”

The guy said: “Actually, I think I can tell you where to go” He pointed to the Atlantic avenue in Brooklyn, where she ended up in a store and they gave her a copy of the Quran.

She read it and took shahadah the next day. Her two sons are memorizing the Quran. She is now a principal in an Islamic school.

The most unlikely people that you would think. No conversation, no preaching, nobody called them to Islam… nothing, they just went and read the Quran.

You know what’s the craziest thing? After 9/11, there was a spike in conversions of people that out of curiosity started buying copies of the Quran and this is not even the miraculous Arabic Quran, this is the English translation of the Quran and people are just out of curiosity wonder “what is this terrorist document?”

And when reading the Quran, they become amazed by it saying: “How could I miss it?”

Quran1The Irish Scholar – Joshua

Last week, I was in a convention in Atlanta and I met a young man called Joshua, now his name is Lucius. He’s originally Irish, he was studying Orthodox Christianity to become a scholar. He was studying Hebrew, Aramaic, and ancient Latin even to study the Bible in its original texts.

One day, he heard a sermon about Islam and how it’s an evil religion. He thought to himself: “All of the Bible I’ve studied, I can’t think the Bible is the truth. But one think is for sure of all the religions I’m going to explore, Islam will never be one of them because it’s an evil faith.”

He wasn’t convinced of the Bible and the more he studied it, the less convinced he became. Finally, one day, he was studying at the church, the wall to the mosque is about a foot apart. He used to park his car in the mosque and then go to church… for ten years he was doing this. One day somebody saw him and invited him to attend Friday prayer, he didn’t know that he was not a Muslim because he’s parking in the masjid.

So he said: “Ok. Whatever, I’ll check it out.” He goes in and listened to the sermon, he took the shahadah and became a Muslim.

So these, to me at least in our times, are the strangest stories of people in the western world. People that you would never have imagined come to Islam. This is probably, to me at least, the greatest and most profound miracle of the Quran. This is why you can’t argue away from anyone because they’ve experienced it themselves personally.