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Your Very First Steps to Seek Knowledge About Islam

My new Muslim brothers and sisters, welcome to Islam!

As a convert myself, I get butterflies and super-excited when I hear about a brother or a sister embracing Islam and being guided to this beautiful way of life.

Upon embracing Islam, there are many trials and challenges that you find yourself dealing with. One of the most important things I’m going to talk to you about today is “seeking knowledge” and what is that looks like for us as converts.

How Do We Learn About Islam?

Allah has made it a responsibility upon us to seek knowledge. And the first word that’s revealed to Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) was “Iqra’”, which means: “read.”

Read in the name of your Lord. (Quran 96)

Today, I want to give you some tips and some titles of books that have helped me, and I think they are essential in your journey.

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We have to make sure that we are looking for the correct resources.

Seeking Knowledge is a Lifetime Journey – Take it Slowly

Every one is different, everyone comes from different walks of life; everybody learns differently. We’re unique and we need to make sure that we never compare our journey to anyone else.

If someone learns at a faster pace, never think that you should give up. It’s important to keep that in mind at all times. Acquiring knowledge is a lifetime journey; we will never stop learning and so we just got to make sure that we take our time.

Some of the books that I would recommend personally that have helped me and I think are important for our foundation as a new Muslim is to learn three things:

1- Get to know who Allah is,

2- Know the life of Prophet Muhammad,

3- Learning manners.

We need to understand the meaning of shahadah, where we testify that there is none worthy of worship except Allah, and that Prophet Muhammad is His last and final messenger. Therefore, we want to get to know both of them inshallah.

I highly recommend “The Book of Manners” , “Muslim character”, “The New Muslim’s Field Guide“, and “The New Muslim Guide”.

I want to encourage each and everyone of you to continue on this journey.

Take your time. Embrace your journey. Love your journey.

May Allah make this journey beneficial for this life and for the next.

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About Nahela Morales
Nahela Morales is a Muslim convert, immigrant, Mexican-American, Humanitarian, Dai'yaa, award winning activist, international public speaker, and a single mother of one. She has had the opportunity to speak and convey the message of Islam in countries like Sweden, Colombia, Brazil, and especially her native Mexico. She has represented a variety of oppressed demographics through her years as an activist and humanitarian. She is also the co-founder and Marketing Director of Embrace - A project of ICNA a movement dedicated to service, nourish, care and empower Revert Communities nationwide. Last but certainly not least she is an active board member of CAIR DFW a grassroots advocacy and civil rights organization.