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What is a Mahram?

What is this episode all about? What is this skit? Ok. I’ll tell you.

What we’re going to talk about today is this issue called “mahram”. Now, what is a mahram?

Mahram is basically those relatives or family members that are so close to you that you are never ever allowed to marry them.

So that could be by blood relationships, meaning people like your father, brother (I’m taking it from female point of view).

Also it could be by marriage, people like your father in law, or your parents in law, and also by, let’s say, your milk relatives. So what is that mean? Say my mother is nursing my baby brother and there is another child that comes into our life, not related by blood or by birth to us but my mother also nurses that baby, that baby becomes my milk relative. It’s through that nursing, the breastfeeding that we become relatives and we are never allowed to marry those people as well.

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So there are 3 categories:

1-Blood relatives that are super close to us, we’re never allowed to marry them

2-The Ones through marriage

3- The ones through breastfeeding/ nursing

The issue with mahram usually comes in with the opposite gender. There are going to be males who either I can give hugs to, I can shake hands with or the males that I can’t.

The males that I can, obviously are going to be my mahram i.e. my father, my brother… these people who are very close to me.

And then the other ones, they are not going to see me without hijab, they’re not going to shake my hand…

You kind of get it?

One more is your husband or your spouse. So before you’re married, you are not mahram. You got that? That means that you can get married and then after you get married, you are mahram… so they become a close relative to you.

So today, we’re going to play a little game… and what you’re going to do is you’re going to guess. I’m basically going to show you a character on the screen and you’re going to decide whether the character is mahram or not.

Everything is going to be from the female perspective in this episode, of course, you can always go to this wonderful website:

So we are going to start the game, so play along and check your knowledge: