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The Secret Mercy Inside You in Ramadan

Besides the opening of the doors of Paradise, besides that Allah multiplies your rewards more than any other month. So that if you did one good deed, it’s multiplied automatically by 70, we all know this, right?

So if you recite a verse in the Quran, every letter that you’ve recited is automatically worth 10 rewards, Alif is 10, Lam is 10, Mim is 10, in Ramadan each 10 is multiplied by 70 so it’s 700 for each letter. Allah says in the Quran:

Allah increases for whoever He wills.

And in Ramadan, Allah increases it without even the angels knowing what the increase is. This is another mercy.

The Secret Mercy

Another mercy is that Allah accepts your repentance more than any other month. And there are many other types of mercy we know about, we hear them year after year after year but have you ever pondered about this secret type of mercy that exist in us?

You know what type of secret mercy I’m talking about? I’m talking about a natural innate mercy that you feel that Allah created in you from your birth. Let me give you an example:

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Don’t you realize that during Ramadan, you find yourself stronger in worship? We go and pray five daily prayers, then we want to pray the Sunnah prayers after it, we pray nawafil (extra prayers) after it.

A lot of us we recite the Quran, some of us finish reading the whole Quran in one week, then we go and do Tarawih (Night Prayer) from 8 to 18 to 20 Rak’ahs and we’re ready to stand long prayers.

Then we wake up in Suhoor in the middle of the night before Fajr and we fast during the day, it doesn’t matter how thirsty we are, how hungry we are…

And we recite the Quran, some people finish reading the Quran in three days, some in one week, others in the whole month.

What is this power? What is this strange energy that we have just received? It’s unexplainable.

The non-Muslims question this all the time: “How do you do it?”

We say to them:

“Man, look, this is something got to do with the faith”

And you can go and talk about:

“Ah you know, your nurture yourself and you develop yourself, and when you see the poor, you develop empathy and you know what they’re going through…”

You say all these beautiful logical reasoning. But they can come back and say, “but you know we can also do that without fasting.”

You say to yourself:

“But hold on a minute. There is something so special which I can’t understand and I can’t explain that happens to me in Ramadan like no other month. I feel the rahmah (mercy) of Allah within me.”

This energy which I feel to go and do good, and these tears which come out of my eyes in Ramadan in the middle of the night, I can’t feel them in any other month.

Fasting Ramadan has something so secret within the human nature. We can’t explain it. This is the mercy of Allah.


About Bilal Assad
Bilal Assad was born in Williamstown, Melbourne, Australia. He started his Islamic studies at a very early age and acquired his Shariah knowledge in Lebanon; and continued tertiary education in Bio-Medical Science in Australia. Bilal has been offering his service to the community for many years and has been working with the Islamic Society of Victoria for over ten years.