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Rise to the Occasion This Ramadan

O you who have believed, decreed upon you is fasting as it was decreed upon those before you that you may become righteous. (Quran 2:183

The blessed month of Ramadan is fast approaching and in just a few weeks you’ll be engaged in worship and increased good deeds to reap all the rewards that are found within this Holy Month, such as reading the Noble Quran in its entirety or community service that benefits the Ummah.

However, there are even more good deeds to be found by reaching out to the non-Muslim community. Remember, Ramadan is the month the Noble Quran was revealed to our Holy Prophet with the first commandment he received:

Read! In the Name of your Lord, Who has created (all that exists), has created man from a clot (a piece of thick coagulated blood). Read! And your Lord is the Most Generous, Who has taught (the writing) by the pen and has taught man that which he knew not. (Quran 96:1-5)

Make this Ramadan an even bigger success than in years past by calling those nearest to you to the mercy and love contained within God’s Last Message, the Quran.

Get creative and use innovative methods to inspire non-Muslims, and those considering Islam, to learn about your faith. Rise to the occasion of Islam’s holiest month and spread the message of “peace!”.

Bring Ramadan to the Workplace

It might not be feasible to do much in the workplace when it comes to Ramadan, depending on the protocol of your employer. However, you should not let Islam’s holiest month pass without acknowledging it for yourself and others. This can easily be achieved by devoting a corner of your office, or even cubicle, to the Ramadan season.

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Decorate the space with moons, stars and lanterns to create a welcoming ambiance. Offer dried dates, nuts or small pieces of candy to anyone that passes by. If possible, offer a small card with the basic tenets of Ramadan printed on it for those who wish to know more.

Invite Non-Muslims to Iftar in Your Home

Whether you are living in a predominantly Muslim country or in the West, you most likely know a few non-Muslims in your city. Reach out to them with kindness and understanding in the spirit of Ramadan.

Invite non-Muslims to your home to break the fast with you and delight in the bounty of the Iftar meal while sharing knowledge of the Islamic faith with your guests.

There is just something about sharing a meal that helps to break the ice and put differences aside. And you might be surprised at how receptive each guest is to your gesture.

Hopefully, it will open the gates to beneficial dialogue in the future. If anything, it will change their perspective of Muslims and will make them more inclined to treat other Muslims with kindness.

Reach Out to Local Churches, Temples and Synagogues

One of the most beneficial ways to make an impact this Ramadan is to reach out to other houses of worship for the sake of sharing Islamic knowledge.

Interfaith dialogue is important because it helps to build bridges of understanding and this goes a long way in presenting the true message of Islam which negates the stereotypical images of Islam in the media that demonizes Muslims.

Due to the scale of other houses of worship, you have a big opportunity to present the Islamic faith to larger numbers of people at the same time.

Isn’t this also what our Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) did? He spoke to large numbers of non-Muslims and gave them the glad tidings of the Islamic faith. It was up to those people whether they embraced it or not. The message was delivered.

The Gift of the Quran

Sent down during the holy month of Ramadan, the Quran is a gift from God to all people. It is a universal book of guidance from our Creator and sharing its message is a noble deed for all Muslims.

This Ramadan, share the Noble Quran with those people around you who you feel might be receptive to receiving it. Just be sure to ask first and then look for ways to share it.

You may choose to purchase a translation of the Quran in the language of your recipient and gift it in this way. Alternatively, many Islamic centers and mosques have free copies that you can collect for distribution.

Thanks to our ‘Digital Age’, the Quran is also available in digital format. It can easily be shared via email, Facebook Messenger and countless other avenues.

The Holy Month of Ramadan, our most beloved guest, will be here shortly. Rise to the occasion and make it the best Ramadan ever!

About Sumayyah Meehan
Sumayyah Meehan reverted to Islam over 23 years ago. She is a Waynesburg University graduate with a BA in Criminal Justice. Sumayyah is a journalist, marketer and freelance graphic designer. She is also a single-mother residing in North Carolina with her children.