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New Muslims Preparing for Ramadan – Where to Start?

The countdown for Ramadan has begun and the wait for your first Ramadan is nearly over. Everyone is talking about how excited they are and how they can’t wait for Ramadan to begin.

But for new Muslims, that can be mixture of feelings in days leading up to Ramadan; some of excitement and happiness, and others of worry and anxiety.

So if you haven’t already started, it is time to start preparing so you can make this Ramadan a Ramadan to remember and not to regret.

Here are three simple steps to begin your preparation:

1- Correct Intention for Fasting

Ensure to have the correct intention for fasting, which is to please God.

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2- Learn How to Fast Correctly

Learn about the basics of Ramadan and how to fast correctly.

3- Practically Prepare for Ramadan

Practically begin to prepare yourself for Ramadan. There are lot around this topics, but you need something for new Muslims. Try these short videos for practical advice from those who have experienced many Ramadans, as new Muslims, just like you.

These videos are preparing you mentally, physically and spiritually, how to deal with non Muslims family and friends, and important tips for fasting successfully.

Watch the video.