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Oh Youth! Stand Up! Allah Has Chosen You

You can hold on to your faith, and you can still make a commitment to Allah and say:

“Oh Allah! I want to be strong, and I know where I’ll get my strength. I will get my strength from your words so I’m turning to your Book. Make this journey easy for me.

When you can do that, you watch what Allah does for you! He will do for you what He did for the youth of the Cave. He increased them and He enhanced them and evolved them in guidance.

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Indeed, they were youths who believed in their Lord, and We increased them in guidance. (Quran 18:13)

He will make you, He’ll transform you into better people. He’ll make you people that other people will want to be around. He will make you a role model.

Here you are looking for role models, you have forgotten that you’re the one Allah gave Islam to, you’re the role model.

You’re looking for someone to lean on, you’re the one that everybody else has to lean on. Learn to stand up. This Book (Quran) will help you stand up.

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It is high time that the youth stop complaining. Please stop saying the pressure is too high, I don’t know how to handle it.

You are the people Allah chose for this generation, and Allah chooses the right people for the right generation that can carry the banner of His faith.

Stop hiding behind excuses. We don’t even have to run to a cave, we can stand tall where we are. We’re not being killed for saying ‘There is no god except Allah.’

We’re just being looked at dirty! That’s nothing.

People are just saying condescending words to us. And every time they do, it’s an opportunity for conversation. Isn’t it?

Every time people talk down to us, make fun of us, say insulting words towards us… These are times where we must see that these people hate this deen so much, I’m going to talk to them and let’s see what happens. And you’ll find many of them completely transformed because you had the confidence to stand up for your faith.

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