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My Best Friend

What is a friend? What does it take to be somebody’s ‘friend’? How many ‘friends’ do you think you have, and how many friends do you ‘actually’ have?

I thought about this point for a very long time, and I pondered… I pondered on all the people I know, who I feel are close to me, who have done something for me, who have helped me in some way, and I wondered, if they made dua for me the way I make for them.

I thought about the people I had just got to know recently, and the people I have known for years. I thought about those people who have helped me in major steps in my life, and those who I turn to when I’m ‘bored’.

I thought about my family, can they be your friends? I thought about people who helped me in my Deen, and those people who pulled me away from Deen. I thought about those who changed my opinion, and people whom I helped change their opinion, and then I thought about people whom I met whose opinion is just unchangeable.

I thought about how some people I had met once or twice, or not even met at all, and how I felt so close to them. I thought about those I probably would never even meet, but how I could always trust them with my thoughts.

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I thought about life, the many ways you can come across the many people you meet. And then I thought about the end, and counted how many can be with me until the end… And the response to that thought I realized – is no body.

Nobody can be with you until the end. You meet people and you leave people. You see somebody once, and you never see them again.

true friendI realized that some people I had known for years – but I didn’t feel as close to them as I thought I would, in comparison to how I feel for people whom I rarely see.

I realized that some people I had known for years had done nothing for my deen in all the years I had known them, compared to a few individuals who I speak to rarely, but they move my heart every time I do.

I realized some people that I had known for years were just there for whenever I needed some companionship on a normal lonely day. But is that true companionship? Is that true friendship?

Friendship is of those who turn your hearts, who move you closer to Allah, who bring you towards Islam inch by inch, meter by meter, until eventually, you’re running to Allah with open arms.

Friends are those who are not only there in times of need, as many will be able to fulfill this obligation. But friends are those who offer their needs to you when you don’t even need them, who forsake all they have for you, and not hide matters from you and break your heart. I realized that friends who neither benefit nor make you lose on anything, are really not friends at all. They are simply time pass.

But I realized that every human possesses faults when it comes to companionship. I realized that there is only one being who has neither any faults, nor a lack in character; only one being who is there for you in times of sadness and happiness, only one being who truly understands what is in your heart, mind and soul, only one being who you can complain to who understands all, only one being who without words, knows the feelings deep within, only one being who is never too busy to give up time to run to you, only one being who hears your call, your prayers, sees your tears, and knows your true inner self.. that being is Allah.

My comfort, my companion, My Best Friend.