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How To Build Focus? A Tested Approach

Focus is the most important thing if you want to build consistency. If you aren’t building your focus, you aren’t going to achieve anything.

You can try doing everything, but if you aren’t able to build focus then it’s all of no use. So, you need to learn how to build focus in order to achieve big things.

Question: What is the first step towards building focus?

Answer: Passion.

If you’re passionate about something, you’ll focus. If you aren’t passionate about something, you won’t be able to focus on that thing. At least when the going gets tough.

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“Without passion you will welcome any distractions.”

Because anything that takes your mind off something that you don’t like doing is always a relief. You won’t be able to force yourself to make it to the end and whenever difficulties and adversities come your way you’ll give up. Because you’ll have tons of reasons and you’ll be able to justify giving up to anyone including yourself.

Every chance that you get to be able to quit, you’ll try to quit. Then, when you finally quit and it makes you feel safe and comfortable, you will have every excuse justified as a legitimate reason of having to quit. You’ll congratulate yourself on making a wise decision.

That is when your brain will store this pattern, and another time when you need to focus on something and build consistency despite all the difficulties and adversities, your brain will start listening to the excuses and assume them as legitimate reasons to quit as it has been trained to in the past.

That is…

“… when inconsistency and giving up become a type of automatic behavior; or rather a habit.”

Well, honestly that is a pretty messy situation to be in. I’m not only saying it because people have told me this, but I have personally experienced it.

So, how do one avoids ending up making inconsistency and giving up a habit?

Now, that’s a great question. Because the answer is really interesting.

“Focus on what you are passionate about.”

If you don’t know what you’re passionate about, then try different things or meet different people and listen to what they think they are passionate about and then try those things. That is unless it involves something illegal or doing drugs.

Maybe you can’t do what you’re passionate about because there is no money in it and you’ve to feed your family or pay your loan after graduating.

It’s alright, just put in the after hours into learning or practicing what you’re passionate about. If you can’t do it daily then at least invest 4 hours a week. If you can’t even give 4 hours in a week to something you’re passionate about, then either you really are in a very ugly situation or you are very good at making excuses and justifying them to yourself.

What if you really are passionate about something and you’re putting in the hard work but you just can’t focus on it for longer periods of time and lose interest?

Well, then eliminate distractions to build focus. If you’re doing everything you want to do, then you are going to lose focus. Limit the amount of tasks you perform on daily basis, limit the amount of social gatherings you attend and limit the amount of hours you spend on social media, in front of Television or with your smartphone.

“To build focus give up whatever is making you lose your focus.”

Whether be it playing a game on your smartphone, making long calls to your best friend, hanging out with buddies or watching an episode of ‘The Game of Thrones’. When you analyze your day to day life, you’ll know better than anyone what you need to eliminate and what you need to minimize.

Whatever you need to do, just do it today. Tomorrow may never come and if you do it today then you’ve to do it every other day.

Which is only possible if you stay focused and for that you need to build focus.