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How I Gathered the Courage to Wear Hijab

I embraced Islam almost three years ago and at that time, I wasn’t sure whether the hijab was a requirement or not.

Then I did some research and found out that it is an obligation, and there is evidence to support this in the Quran and in the sayings of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

I also reminded myself that an important part of being Muslim is to completely surrender oneself to Allah and to obey Him above anything else.

I wasn’t quite ready to wear the hijab at first, but upon realizing that it was an obligation, I wanted to gather the courage to wear it.

So one night, I made a special prayer to Allah. While in prostration, I asked Allah to show me a sign which would encourage me to wear hijab.

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4 Signs

The next day, I had 4 signs. The first two signs happened when two co-workers, who knew I had converted, asked me “Where is your hijab?”

The first one asked me in the morning, the second one asked the same question in the afternoon.

The third sign happened after work that same day, while I was out shopping. I was wearing a small hijab just to get used to the feeling of wearing it in public.

Then a couple of co-workers jogged past me and said ‘hi’ to me as if they hadn’t noticed anything different. I thought to myself, that if my co-workers are starting to notice me outside of work wearing it, I may as well wear it to work.

The fourth sign happened when I returned home that same day; I received messages from a couple of sisters who were replying to a message I had sent them that showed a picture of me wearing hijab. They replied so positively about it and this gave me more confidence to wear it.

After receiving those 4 signs in the same day, I felt this had to be from Allah as this was the answer to my prayer I had made the previous day.

So the following day I wore it, which was about two and a half months after I had converted to Islam.

I’ve been proudly wearing Hijab ever since that day for the sake of Allah.


(From Discovering Islam’s archive)