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What Happens When You Forget Allah?

And whoever turns away from My remembrance – indeed, he will have a depressed life, and We will gather him on the Day of Resurrection blind. (Quran 20:124)

Remembrance of Allah is a great honor. That’s the goal in life. Allah pre-programmed that goal inside every single human being. But if you lose sight of that goal, it is like the huger inside you to fulfill that goal. Allah created you with that.

But when you appetite is not filled with healthy food, what you’d fill it with? If you don’t get the right meal, are you going to say “I’m not going to eat at all?”

No. When a person is starving and there is no food of their preference, or there is no healthy food, there is even filth, barks of trees will the human being still start chewing when it comes to that? They will.

When you lose sight of Allah and that no longer is your goal, then necessarily you will find a replacement. It is necessarily to have something you aspire towards. That is the mission of your life.

The one who has found Allah, what happens to them?

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Say, “Indeed, my prayer, my rites of sacrifice, my living and my dying are for Allah , Lord of the worlds. (Quran 6:162)

It’s very simple for them. The one who really found Allah, their life is for Allah, their sacrifice is for Allah, their life and death is now for Allah, the way they live, the way they eat, the way they sleep, what they want to do with their life, their long-term goals, their short-term goals, what they can do with their kids, why they are getting education, where they are going to work… everything is now for Allah, that is their goal.

But for the one who hasn’t that goal, they have to find another role. And in all times, they’re used to idols, they used to be in other religions, you find some other gods…

But in our times, it become far more pathetic… now you have someone who is obsessed with their body and they’re working out 18 hours a day, it’s their only goal in life to just getting buffer and buffer, stay on top, keep in shape.

The-Healing-Will-BeginTheir life has become about money… you meet people who can’t talk about anything except their work, “I work in this company, I do this business…”

And the moment they lose their job, they become suicidal because that’s all they’ve ever thought about, that’s all they ever did in their life, that becomes their goal.

For some people their goal is their children, they live for their children, they do everything for their children, day and night they think about their children, there is no other thought running in their minds, there is no other goal before them than their children. That is all they run after.

When you don’t find Him, you will find something else and you will run after it, you will give your life to it, and there is no exception among human beings.

And today it could be even a slacker. You’re going to ask me “what about a slacker?” You know those kids that play 20 hours of video games a day and don’t get off the couch, what is their goal? It is to entertain themselves… that is their ultimate goal, that’s what they want to reach, they’re working hard to attain it everyday.

These are the psychological implications of understanding too late.

It is easy to say Allah is one, but is He one in my life? Is He the one for me? Or do I have some other one that I’m running after or some other thing that I put before myself?

Allah asked this question rhetorically. He says:

What deluded you from your gracious master? (Quran 82:6)

What was so important to you that you ran after?