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Don’t Make This Mistake in Ramadan

The month of Ramadan is where everyone wants to do good, and everyone wants to have some change, and everyone wants to do great things. But what tends to happen is that when Ramadan enters, you’re so overwhelmed.

And let’s be real for most of us, you don’t have a program, you don’t have a schedule… You’re not specific about what you want to do. You find yourself you go to the masjid for the first 3-4 days…

And then what usually happens?

We end up collapsing.

So slow and steady wins the race. We’ve been far from Allah all year round, of course we want to make the most of this month, Ramadan, but we want to be smart.

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Be Specific.

Put together a list of things that are achievable: “I can do this, it’s not going to burden me.”

Don’t sit down and put together: “I’m going to read one Juz’ of the Quran a day…” If you can and you’re capable of this, then that’s great! But if you’re someone who struggles to read half a page, then putting down a goal of a Juz’ is not going to happen.

So be specific. Put yourself together a specific program like: “I’m going to pray Isha in the masjid. I’m going to read x amount of the Quran, I’m going to give x amount of charity…”

Slow and Steady.

I would rather you do this much but you’re consistent throughout the whole year of Ramadan, than doing that much for the first five days and then you collapse after a week.

Prophet Muhammad says this advice for life not only for Ramadan:

Allah loves the action that is small and consistent more than the action that is large but a one of.

So be smart. Don’t worry, give yourself a solid program in Ramadan that you will not do less than this. This is my minimum throughout; and then whatever you do on top of that or extras to that, we ask Allah to accept it.

I hope that we can take this advice and bring it on board.