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Coronavirus and the Rights of Neighbors

I want to talk about the rights of neighbors on us, in particular our elderly neighbors.

If you are living in a western country, or a country that has been affected by the corona virus and the government is saying to you that you have to stay indoors, or you don’t go to gatherings etc., then think about your neighbors.

Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) told us that angel Gabriel (peace be upon him) reminded him continuously to take care of the neighbors until he thought that Allah would make the neighbor inherit from him.

This is how important our neighbors are.

So if you have a neighbor who is elderly or sick, or maybe a single mom, bringing kids up, then please go see that neighbor and see if they need anything; make sure that they’re not sick, make sure they have enough food in their cupboards. Make sure that they have the medicaments, at least Paracetamol.

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In the Quran, Allah emphasizes to do good and then He writes a list of the people who we should do good to and the close neighbors and the neighbors who are strangers:

Worship Allah alone and associate none with Him. And be kind to parents, relatives, orphans, the poor, near and distant neighbors, close friends, needy travellers, and those bonds people in your possession. Surely Allah does not like whoever is arrogant, boastful— (4:36)

How amazing is this! So we are vicegerents on earth and we have a responsibility to the people around us as well as to our own selves and our own families.

About Ustadha Ameena Blake
From Sheffield, UK; Ustadha Ameena Blake embraced Islam in 1992. Her academic qualifications include undergraduate in English Studies, Post Graduate in teaching, MSc in Leadership and Management and MA in Islamic Studies.Ameena has been active since 1994 having studied under various shuyukh and academics including Dr Jamal Badawi, Sh Abdul Aziz Atiq (Yemen), Sh Faisal Manjoo, Dr Atullah Siddiqui and others. Roles have included Vice President of MAB, Assistant Secretary General of the MCB and Head teacher of a girl’s Islamic school. She is founding director of the EHUK women’s refuge project and is a lecturer at Markfield Institute of Higher Education. She also sits on Mosque boards and is an Islamic advisor on Halal Guide.Ustadha Ameena lectures about Islam nationally and internationally and has appeared at conferences, fundraisers and events across the globe.Her topics include tazkiyah, women in the Quran, dawah and Seerah and others. She delivers regular live interactive lectures on Facebook and has appeared on channels including Channel 4, Sky TV, The Islam channel, BBC radio, Iqraa TV and others.