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10 Massive Benefits of Goal Setting

We all desire success. Or don’t you?

For the Muslim, it is double success in both worlds as articulated in this supplication in the Quran.

Our Lord! grant us good in this world and good in the hereafter, and save us from the chastisement of the fire. (2: 201)

The journey to success begins with the simple act of goal setting.

There’s sound data from various fields of study (from social sciences to finance) on the positive impact of goal setting on life. And the outcomes and transformations are so many, from financial to psychological.

Understanding the why and how of goal setting is the next best thing you can learn. Because setting pure and sincere goals is a precursor to achieving great things in your life. It allows you to strive towards attaining victory on your burning dreams and help turn your ideas and thoughts into reality.

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Here are some massive benefits you can gain from when you set goals in your life.

10 Goal Setting Benefits

1. First Step towards Success

It sets you up for that difficult first step away from procrastination and into the realm of productivity.

The Prophet Muhammad said:

Everyone starts his day and is a vendor of his soul, either freeing it or bringing about its ruin. (Muslim)

When you set goals, you are taking responsibility for your mind, body and soul and the activities you will engage them in. Your choice will be directed towards fulfilling your goals and leading away from ruining your opportunity for success.

2. Focus

When you set goals, you have a target to focus on mentally and visually.

This drives up your level of productivity as you take more steps ahead. If you are focused on a marathon happening in 6 months time, the pain or discomfort of daily practice is negligible compared that victory you are set on achieving by completing the marathon.

Your destination is clear and you have a map to help with the directions.

3. From Chunky to Do-able

If you set a goal right now of making pilgrimage to Hajj next year, your friends or family may laugh at you and call you a joker.

But if it’s your brightest burning goal at the moment and you are set on achieving victory with it insha’Allah, then nothing stops you from sitting down right now to set a Hajj goal.

You may not be able to achieve it by next year, but you could in 5 or 10 years time. But that’s if and only if, you are intentional about it.

This chunky Hajj goal could be broken down into monthly and weekly milestones; to include writing CVs, increasing your freelance charges, saving a certain amount monthly, launching your new business etc. This will make the goal more manageable and your daily actions do-able.

4. Right Attitude

Once you set a goal, your attitude becomes – ”I have no room for failure”.

When you tell yourself, ”I’m going for this”, you give yourself no room for intentional failure and no room either for unnecessary excuses. You are well grounded to make the best of your onward steps.

A book publishing goal will make you write a fixed number of words daily or for a fixed amount of time, for example, 30 minutes daily.

Without a set goal in the past, I failed several times on my writing effort but currently make the 250 words (minimum) daily count with zeal and commitment because I do not see failure as an option with my writing goals and bright publishing dream.

My attitude is that of ‘I can’, ‘I will’, ‘I must’, insha’Allah.

5. Dua Articulation

When you set a goal, it is easier for you to remember to ask for blessings in achieving that goal because it becomes more real.

You now have a craving for it and can visualize, smell or even taste your outcome. With your marathon, you can visualize a stronger body, mind, will and discipline as well as fundraising success.

You can envision your trainers moving you from point to point. You can taste cool water refreshing your throat. This makes your supplication more on point and better articulated at every step towards your BIG goal.

When you feel the urgency, you beg Allah like a needy servant that you are.

6. Increase Motivation

A set goal is like a shiny prize. You know the prize is yours if you make it to the finish line. It is big, bright and in your face.

You can’t get it out of your conscious and subconscious mind until it becomes a normal part of your thinking.

Your thoughts motivate you. Your thoughts drive your daily habits which increase the motivation. So at every step, you feel that inner push once you have set your goal and keep reminding yourself about it.

7. Build Momentum

Repeating the do-able actions builds momentum. And this leads to developing positive, productive and rewarding habits with ease.

Setting myself a do-able daily goal of reading for 5 minutes a day has led to a cumulative reading of many hours weekly. Those 5 minutes usually extend to 10,15 and sometimes even 60 minutes of reading.

I now look forward to my daily reading – because I have conditioned myself that its only 5 minutes away from other important life activities.

Without effort, I now read guilt-free daily whenever an opportunity pops up and they are many: while waiting for an appointment or waiting for food to cook or warm up.

8. Curb Weapons of Mass Distraction

Goal setting overturns the false illusion of abundant energy, resources and time. This illusion comes when we procrastinate and get distracted while pretending all is OK.

Our health and free time are two of such important resources that we have been warned about.

There are two blessings which many people do not make the most of and thus lose out: good health and free time. (Al-Bukhari)

It is easy to get distracted nowadays with the tech. tools, Internet, social media and much more. With a goal in mind, you are ale to make better choices and decisions – regarding your health, time, skills and other resources.

9. Positivity and Feel-good Emotions

There’s no denying the good feelings that emanate when you set goals and start anticipating your steps, journey and outcomes.

The overall positivity is contagious and will impact your countenance and personality in every way. From your speech, tone, body language to confidence and energy level. You will not be the only one experiencing the overdose of positive emotions. Everyone around you will get a liberal dose too.

Your positive state will also help in overcoming obstacles and negative events when they happen – and they will.

10. Self Empowerment

When you set a goal, you are holding yourself accountable for achieving great success. You are consciously thinking ‘change.’

Yes… that bright dream is in sight. And you are the one making it happen.

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