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10 Common Mistakes That Can Destroy A Marriage

10 common mistakes that destroy a relationship of marriage.

In life and love, you may think you’re supposed to always focus on the positive instead of the negative.

However, unless you become aware of your own hurtful attitudes or actions — so that you can correct them — your chances of staying in love til death are close to zero.

To have your marriage last a lifetime, avoid these 10 common mistakes:

1. Talking “at” Instead of “with” Your Mate

Let his or her body language be your guide. When you’re talking “at” your partner, he or she will tense up. When you’re talking “with” your spouse, he or she will relax.

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2. Tuning out — Instead of Tuning in — to What Your Mate is Saying

When your mind begins to wander, stop and remember that what your partner is saying is important to him or her.

3. Forgetting to Thank Your Mate

Not thanking your spouse for being considerate, thoughtful or kind makes him or her feel unappreciated and foolish for caring about you.

In fact, the main duty in a marriage is to make the other person happy, for most people, ultimately that does not necessary have to do with chores or bills.

4. Getting Defensive Instead of Saying, “I’m Sorry”

When you mess up, the sooner you sincerely say, “I’m sorry,” or “I was wrong,” the sooner your mate can stop resenting you.

5. Always Saying, “I’m Sorry,” yet Never Changing

An apology buys you another chance. However, if you keep making the same mistake, apologies not only seem empty, but annoying as well.

6. Being Repeatedly Late

Frequently keeping your partner waiting is not only inconsiderate, it’s arrogant.

7. Playing the Victim

This behavior not only accuses your spouse of hurting you, but adds insult to injury by implying that he or she is doing it intentionally, when that may not be the case.

Not everyone has the same capacity of receiving accusations, so it is safe not to jump and accuse your mate of having bad intentions, even if they have repeated similar mistakes in the past.

8. Jumping to Conclusions

Presuming that you know what your partner feels — and why — without first getting all the facts is only going to push him or her away.

9. Badmouthing Your Spouse behind His or Her Back

This not only adds to the list of secrets you keep from your mate, but also tells others how little you respect your partner.

10. Thinking that Doing Something Once is Enough

If you only temporarily stop making the above mistakes — and don’t continue to monitor yourself to keep from slipping back into bad habits If your spouse was satisfied with that last bouquet of roses you bought her or that last set of golf clubs you got him, all signs point to the fact that giving and receiving gifts is a good thing.

So keep it up!