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New Muslims – All You Need in Your New Life

When you realize that Islam is the truth then you took the decision to say the Shahadah, the declaration of faith that confirms that you believe that there is nothing worthy of worship except the one God who created everything, and that Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) is His last and final Prophet and Messenger.

Taking further steps after you have become Muslim is so important in your new Journey of faith. Learning takes time, but step by step you’ll realize that your new discovered faith is not actually new; you’ll discover that Islam is the correct and uncorrupted version of God’s divine message He sent to all Prophets. Here, in this folder, we prepared for you some of the things you should consider in your new Journey.


Know Your Deen

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Islam is Easy: Why Make it a Burden?

Walking towards God, and throughout the process of building up and taming one’s soul, moderation and avoiding extremes should be practiced, as instructed by Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)…

Get Involved

Tips for New Muslims to Overcome Isolation

One of the biggest issues most new Muslims have to cope with at some point is a feeling of isolation…

Step by Step

Take It Slowly

There is no need to rush into things such as changing your name or taking intensive Arabic classes. If somewhere along the path you feel the need to change your name then do so…

Boost Your Spirituality and Inner Peace

5 Ways for New Muslims to Find Inner Peace

Within all human beings there exist obstacles that thwart our efforts to achieve inner peace. Some of them include anger, jealousy, greed and the like…