The Christmas Season For New Muslims

When it’s Christmas time, most new converts to Islam find it hard not to attend the feast and celebrate with their families like before. This challenge is certainly not easy.

Also they’re put in situations where families, relatives and friends start to ask many questions that new Muslims find hard, or get confused about how to answer them.

In this folder, Discovering Islam compiled some interesting articles related to Christmas, Jesus, his mother, and his family.

The Blessed Family of Jesus

What Can We Learn from Mary, Mother of Jesus?
It comes as a surprise to many who are not Muslim that Mary (Maryam in Arabic), the mother of Jesus, has a very special place in Islam.

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The Muslim Jesus

Jesus as Mentioned in the Quran
The Jesus which God tells about in the Quran is quite different from the Gospel Jesus, although there are some similarities.

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Converts & The Christmas Season

A Convert’s Christmas Compromise
When you have family members that want to give you or your kids Christmas presents, accept them…

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Q & As on Christmas

Can I Celebrate Christmas With My Non-Religious Family?
Salaam! So it’s that time of year again and I have decided this year to attend my family’s Christmas dinner…

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