Appreciating the Mosques of Madinah

The long history and complex architectural development of the Prophet’s Mosque represent a narrative of the development of Islamic civilization, along with the evolution and maturation of the identity of Islamic architecture.

They are so rich and profound that they inspired a whole new generation of mosques in Madinah. A majority of them tried to model itself on a prominent aspect, or more, of the Prophet’s Mosque.

There are three main streams of mosque architecture in Madinah today:

  1. Preservation of relevant traditional mosques;
  2. New hybrid mosques as mixtures of traditional styles;
  3. Modern innovative mosques.

Discovering Islam team excerpted some articles from the author’s forthcoming book titled “Appreciating the Architecture of Madinah”.

The First Mosque in Madinah

The First Mosque the Prophet Muhammad Built

Quba’ - The First Mosque the Prophet Muhammad Built in Madinah
The Quba mosque was the first mosque associated with Prophet Muhammad and his prophethood mission. He personally participated in its construction.

Story of the Two Qiblahs Mosque in Madinah

Story of the Two Qiblahs Mosque

Story of the Two Qiblahs Mosque in Madinah

This is an important historical mosque. It is one of the earliest mosques in Islam. It was established during the Prophet’s time for an outlying neighborhood of Madinah.






 The Miqat Mosque – One of the Most Visited Places in Madinah

The Miqat Mosque – The Most Visited in Madinah

The Miqat Mosque - One of the Most Visited Mosques in Madinah

The miqat mosque marks the station for hajj and ‘umrah pilgrims from the city of Madinah and the pilgrims passing through it.


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